Services of Land of Turquoise Domes, Tour and Travel Company

Our Services

Regardless of the purpose of your travel, being business or tourism, in groups or as individuals, we are here to provide you with a first class service. Our basic services are:


Land of Turquoise Domes Tour and Travel Company is happy to help you obtain Tourist, Business and Airport visas for your journey to our country. Please contact us via our email with as much information as you can provide together with a scanned copy of the identity page of your passport, we will guide you through the application. Please note that the ultimate decision is by the consular and immigration officials. To assist you to understand the visa application process and visa types please see the summary below. learn more…


Land of Turquoise Domes is set up to provide you with all the necessary information regarding your travel to Iran and within the country. We provide you with the most convenient yet economical suggestions. Besides our pre-set tours we offer bespoke tailor-made programmes to suit most requirements and individual tastes.

Booking Hotels

There is a wide range of hotels, traditional house residences, boutique hotels and apartment hotels in Iran. We have inspected a number of these to draw up a list of those with the potential of fulfilling the expectations of the international traveller. We can help you choose the most suitable. For further information on the range and availability of the hotels please contact us.

Airport pick up and Transfer

We have a roster of trusted drivers with suitable vehicles who will transfer you between airports, transport terminals and hotels. If you have any further queries regarding these please contact us.

Chauffeur driven cars

We provide chauffeur driven cars and people carriers for general transportation, for sightseeing and out of town excursions. We can also provide you with this service on your free time should you require so. We also offer cars and drivers for business people who would require day long services. Please contact us with any queries regarding this service.

Short day tours for business travellers

Land of Turquoise Domes can organize bespoke short tours to fit in the busy schedule of business travellers. These would be organized in close coordination with your business host. We are sure that we can lighten your trip and enlighten you with the best tourist sites of any city or region. Please do not hesitate contacting us if this is of interest to you.

Health Tourism

We can offer health services through well- known health care establishments to those who are interested in different types of plastic surgery – for example Iran is a champion in rhinoplasty – or gastric lap band and bypass surgeries. We can also assist those who seek treatment for heart disease, eye problems and dental work.