Iran or officially the Islamic Republic of Iran is a large Middle Eastern country in Western Asia covering some 1,648,195 km2 (636,372 ml2) of land with about 78.4 million inhabitants.

In recent years the name of Iran or Persia as many refer to it, has been associated with an ongoing nuclear dispute and extensive talks with world powers (5 +1) but Iran is much more than that.

It is a geographically diverse country with majestic mountain ranges, vast mystical deserts edged with jewel-like towns, alpine forests and green plains. From the shores of the Caspian Sea to the north to the semi-tropical Persian Gulf and Oman Sea to the south, the country has many different climatic conditions. This climatic diversity is mirrored in the many different cultures, ethnicities and religions throughout the country.

The many cultures and ethnicities have roots in distant times, as long ago as the Lower Paleolithic era. An empire of some 25 centuries, Iran has a rich and colourful history with countless monuments, archaeological sites and relics.

The emerging civilisation impacted upon the known world, the idea of an empire and a new style in governance, unifying various ethnicities and cultures whilst respecting them were new and unique. The historian Professor Arthur Upham Pope and the philosopher Will Durant have attributed a great influence to this empire and have discussed its influence on the march of civilisation in great details.


Golestan national park

Iran : Four seasons Land

If mosques and ancient ruins  aren’t enough to satisfy a sightseeing tour, Iran’s varied and dramatic landscapes offer the demanding traveller a wealth of awe inspiring, unspoilt views to discover. From mountains to deserts, to forests and caves. Its varied terrain and climatic diversity with majestic mountain ranges, dense forests, never-ending deserts, green valleys and coasts offers wide ranging opportunities for those interested in the natural world.


Active Holidays in Iran

Iran’s extraordinary diversity in climate and terrain – from majestic mountain ranges, lush valleys and dense forests to vast deserts and a long coastline – offers wide-ranging opportunities for sports enthusiasts and visitors seeking active yet unusual Holidays .


Arts in contemporary Iran

Due to the growing global success of the Iranian cinema, the first Iranian International Film Market (IFM) was established (1998) to coincide with Fajr International Film Festival which is held in February of each year. Times Magazine named the Iranian cinema “The Home of The World’s Most Reliable Art-Film Industry.”

Iran’s contemporary cinema and its gifted film makers are well known internationally but film-making is not all that is happening here.


Ancient Persia

The term Persia was coined by Herodotus (484 BC) and it alludes to the region of Fars, the seat of the Achaemenids, a term in common use until 20th c when the correct word Iran, as used by the Iranians all along, was introduced to international community.

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