People of Iran

Persian Carpet Tour in Iran

What are Special Interest Tours All About

Special Interest Tours (SIT) are tourism activities specifically customized in accordance to interests and preferences of travelers. Opting for special interest tours gives you an opportunity to have an enriching and adventurous experience catering to your preferences. Read on to see what you can expect to experience in special interest tours of Iran. Astro Tourism: […]

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music festival of Fajr

Fajr Festival: A Guide for Travelers

Iran is a country with a rich history in arts and literature. Music, poetry and storytelling have always been prominent parts of Iranian culture. As can be guessed, many interesting art festivals and cultural events take place in this country throughout the year. But Fajr Festival is the most famous one of them. If you […]

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Iranian Kabab

Foods You Have to Try in Iran

As you can expect, a multicultural country like Iran has a wonderful food diversity which comes as the result of different geographical and ethnic characteristics found in different regions of the country. One of the main highlights of your travel to Iran will most definitely be the cuisine. And we bet you don’t want to […]

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Iranian Hand Embroidery

Handicrafts of Southern Iran

Iran is a vast country with an astonishing diversity in culture, arts, cuisines, traditional way of clothing and handicrafts. Traveling each part of Iran provides you with different experiences. What you see, taste and learn in Northern provinces of Iran is very different to the south. And what you get to observe in the Western […]

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hengam Island Iran

Persian Gulf: A Voyage from Chabahar to Khuzestan

Traveling to the southern provinces of Iran near the adorable Persian Gulf means exploring a different aspect of this vast country. Majestic ports, eye-catching landscapes of the coastlines and magnificent natural wonders are plenty in these towns. Get the ticket and prepare for one of the most unique voyages of your lifetime! Chabahar, Martian Mountains […]

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Zoroastrianism in Iran

Zoroastrian Heritage

Learning about different religions is very interesting to a lot of travelers who enjoy exploring historic temples, reading about ancient religious manuscripts and getting familiar with diverse religious rituals of other nations and ethnic groups. As you know, Zoroastrianism was the official religion in Iran until the Islamic conquest of the country in the 7th […]

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Library of Kerman

Bookstores to visit in Iran

If you’ve packed your suitcase and bought the tickets to Iran for an exciting holiday, you must have jotted down some of the most interesting places that you want to visit while in the country. Bookstores are one of the best places to explore as a prominent element of urban life in any country, especially […]

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Christmas in Iran

Christmas in Iran

As Islam is the official religion of Iran and more than 98% of Iranians are Muslims, Christmas is not officially celebrated in the country. However, if you travel to Iran during the last weeks of December or the first weeks of January, there are several places that you can visit to get the Christmas vibe […]

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Iranian Ash Reshteh

Iranian Vegetarian Food: A Guide for Vegetarian Travelers

Although vegetarianism is a rather new concept in Iran, going vegetarian in this country is not difficult at all. Meatless diet is not a very common thing in Iran due to the historical, geographical and cultural characteristics of the country, but finding tasty vegetarian food is really easy since there are countless choices for vegetarians […]

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Yalda: Celebrating the Victory of Daylight over Dark

Yalda is an ancient traditional event annually celebrated by Iranians to mark the longest night of the year as the symbol of sun overcoming the dark. Yalda night, also known as “Shab-e-Chelleh” is the last day of the ninth month of the Iranian civil calendar and is elaborately celebrated with families gathering together to read […]

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