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The Blessed Ramadan

The Blessed Ramadan Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, a month of abstinence and contemplation. Iranian Muslims of all sects welcome, celebrate and honour this month with enthusiasm and excitement.  Travellers to Islamic lands will notice a distinct change in street scene and day to day activities of the people. Devout […]

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Kashan : Scent of roses

It is hard to believe that a city surrounded by parched deserts is known for one of Iran’s most iconic products. The city of Kashan, steeped in history, produces a highly prised rosewater, valued for its clarity and depth of fragrance. With its special place in the heart of Iranians, not only for its distinct […]

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Louvre in Tehran

When one cultural institute visits another, cultural tourism reaches a sublime level In a rare and exciting programme, the world’s most renowned museum, the Louvre, visits Iran’s National Museum in Tehran to showcase some of its treasures. The specially curated exhibition runs from 5th March to 8th June 2018 with the aim of introducing the […]

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Classic Iran, Persia

Persia The term Persia was coined by Herodotus (484 BC) and it alludes to the region of Fars, the seat of the Achaemenids, a term in common use until 20th c when the correct word Iran, as used by the Iranians all along, was introduced to international community. The words Iran or Persia conjures up […]

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Arts in contemporary Iran

Arts in contemporary Iran Due to the growing global success of the Iranian cinema, the first Iranian International Film Market (IFM) was established (1998) to coincide with Fajr International Film Festival which is held in February of each year. Times Magazine named the Iranian cinema “The Home of The World’s Most Reliable Art-Film Industry.” Iran’s contemporary cinema and […]

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