For adventurous tourists, sporty travelers and lovers of nature, a vacation with skiing, camping and cycling activities will be a delight. If you want a relief from your routine urban life, planning a trip to Iran for spending days in its diverse nature will be a great idea! Iran has many different destinations for those who want to appreciate nature while having fun. From excellent ski resorts to scenic camping locations, this country has plenty to offer. So here is a list of what you can expect to experience when choosing a tour of Sports and Holidays in Iran.

Jangal-e-Abr Tour


Ski Resorts of Iran

It may come as a surprise to many travelers to know that Iran has some of the best ski resorts of the world. As a Middle Eastern country, Iran is widely regarded as a land of deserts with many arid areas. Although it features some of the most spectacular deserts of the world, its natural wonders are not limited to vast lands of sands. Iran is home to imposing mountains that are covered by snow in most months of the year. These breathtakingly majestic mountains make for some of the best hiking routes or adventurous tourists who enjoy hiking and mountain trekking.

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In addition to that, these mountains provide you with amazing ski resorts that are pretty popular among ski lovers who visit Iran. Here’s a list of the best ski resorts of this country.

Dizin Ski Resort

The most famous ski resort of Iran, Dizin is a must – see for any traveler who is interested in skiing and wants to see what sports and holidays in Iran is all about. Not only is it the best ski resort of Iran, but it is also the most credible ski resort of the whole Middle East. It has been confirmed as an international ski resort by the International Ski Federation.

In addition, it features 2 hotels, 19 cottages and 5 restaurants which have made it a great place for long stays.

The best time to enjoy skiing in Dizin is mid-May to late November.

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Shemshak Ski Resort

Shemshak Ski Resort

Another popular location for ski lovers, Shemshak is the second greatest ski resort in Iran. It has 2 hotels and 4 restaurants with one of them located on the mountaintop that provides you with a stunning landscape while having your meal.

Tochal Ski Resort

Tochal Ski Resort

This one is the most crowded ski resort since it’s the closest to Tehran. Situated on the end of Velenjak Street, Tochal ski resort is located in the Shemiranat strict near to Tajrish Square.

Tochal can be regarded as a complex since it has 3 distinct ski resorts in different levels. The one located on the mountaintop leads you to the hotel where you can stay. All of the three resorts of Tochal provide you with magnificent views. Moreover, Tochal complex includes other entertainment facilities such as a tennis club, bungee jumping, skating, paintball and an archery club.

We bet you will never get bored in here!

Cycling Destinations

If you are looking to get into nature and have a bit of exercising while discovering new places, you must try cycling in these beautiful locations while traveling in Iran.

Kish Island

Cycling in Kish

Kish Island is one of the best destinations for any tourist who likes to enjoy sports and holidays in Iran. This island offers some of the best cycling routes with spectacular views. Biking along the coast is one of the memorable experiences that you don’t want to miss while traveling Southern Iran.

Lar National Park

Lar National Park

The highest volcanic mountain of Asia, Damavand has scenic foothills that make for an exquisite biking route. Although the route may be a little challenging for being located on hills surrounded by rivers, the professional cyclist will fall in love with this earthly paradise.

Plan your trip to this spot for spring since Lar National Park gets fully covered by colorful flowers in that time of the year. You’ll stop a lot in the middle of the route to bask in the beauty of the nature and get tons of pictures.

Maranjab Desert

cycling in deserts of Iran

Who can leave Iran without exploring its splendid deserts? Hop on your bike and get lost in the exotic beauties of Maranjab Desert. Situated 60 Kilometers northeast of Kashan, this desert is waiting to astonish you with the far-famed salt lake and the Wandering Island which only appears during rainy seasons of the year.

The memories you make from holidays and sports in Iran will never be complete without an overnight stay in a desert.

An ancient Iranian caravansary welcomes you in Maranjab desert for an unforgettable night of live music and stargazing among magical sand dunes. Will you say no to that?

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Jangal-e-Abr (Forest of Clouds)

Sports and Holidays in Iran

A dream-like adventure, cycling – or simply hiking – in a forest which gets fully covered by clouds is a one of a kind experience not to be missed when planning for holidays and sports in Iran. However, these clouds do not appear in all of the days of the year and getting lost in the jungle is probable if you’re not familiar with the route. So make sure you go to the dazzlingly beautiful Jangal-e-Abr with a guide and live a dream for a few hours!

Holidays and Sports in Iran

Camping Destinations

Camping in Iran

Iran is a perfect destination for those who are more into outdoor activities. If you are an adventurous traveler, you must not miss the experience of camping in the unspoiled nature of Iran. You can choose to camp in areas that Iranian nomads live.  You’ll get a chance to spend days with the lovely nomads who welcome you with their local cuisines and have many beautiful traditions to learn about.

Nomads of Iran

Northern Iran offers many camping destinations with awesome nature. Not to mention that local cuisine of Northern Iran is one of the most popular cuisines you may ever try.

Kurdistan is another province that provides you with many landscapes to pitch your camp and enjoy the fresh air while marveling at the beauty of nature.

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As you can see, Iran has a lot of locations that make perfect destinations for sporty travelers, adventurous tourists and nature enthusiasts. The vast country presents so many other options for those who are interested in eco-tourism and want to dive into the beauties of nature. Contact us at Land of Turquoise Domes for more information on our exciting tours and itineraries.