Some people like to travel to different countries to visit historical places and find out about the mysterious world of the ancient times. Some others prefer to travel for the joy of mingling with locals, learning about their culture, trying local cuisines and learning the folk dances of colorful tribes. But there’s another group of travelers that we really like too! Those who opt for destinations that offer great opportunities for having an adventurous experience in untouched nature! No matter which group of tourists you belong to, Iran has all of these attractions and no one will ever get bored in this middle-eastern paradise. If you are interested in adventure tours and prefer to have some real physical activity during your travels, buy your ticket to Iran and get ready for one of the best adventure tours of your life.

Hiking Adventure Tours

A lot of adventure tours include hiking and trekking. Wandering through the endless beauties of nature is a precious experience especially if you are interested in hiking activities. If you are planning to travel to Iran, and if you enjoy hiking glorious mountains, these are the top destinations not to be missed while you’re in Iran.

Badab-e-Surt Mineral Spring


Visiting Saari- one of the cities of Mazandaran Province in Northern Iran – and its natural attractions must be on your travel bucket list if you are interested in adventure tours in Iran. This city is widely famous for Badab-e-Surt Mineral Spring and the Choort Lake. The mineral spring features a range of stepped travertine terrace formations that have been formed over thousands of years. Badab-e-Surt mineral spring with its eye-catching colors – yellow, orange and red – is located in a beautiful spot surrounded by valleys covered by greenery. This is a unique place for hiking, enjoying the fresh air and taking thousands of pictures!

Hyrcanian Forests

hiking in forests

One – day Trekking trips in forests make for some of the most popular adventure tours in Iran. Hyrcanian forests of Iran, which have been added to the list of UNESCO world heritage sites, are one of the most valuable natural attractions of this country. If you’re interested in spending a few hours in the heart of greenery that dates back to the age of dinosaurs, you need to travel to the north of the famous Alborz mountain range for a one – day trekking tour. Hyrcanian forests are often referred to as natural museums since they’re home to many valuable plants of Iran. Spending hours among sky-high trees and listening to the soothing sounds of nature is an experience not to be missed while traveling this country. So wear your hiking shoes and get ready for an adventure in pre-historic forests!

Zagros Nomadic Villages

Zagros mountain range is a perfect spot for those who would like to experience adventure tours near the beautiful far-famed city of Shiraz. You will see welcoming nomads of Iran who are famous for their Persian hospitality and you’re be amazed by the wonderful nature that appears in front of your eyes as you walk along the trekking route. Visiting the nomadic villages of Zagros is a great choice for those who want to add a cultural twist to their adventurous trip in Iran.

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Alamout and Heights of Masal are also very popular among travelers who choose to come to Iran for its natural attractions. If you are interested to read more about Hiking Tours in Iran, click here.

Desert Safari in Iran

Desert Safari in Iran

Deserts make for some of the most valuable natural attractions of any Middle Eastern country. Iran provides you with some of the most exquisite deserts of the world. Not only can you spend hours trekking on the magical sands that glow like pieces of gold under the sun, but you can also spend a night there and enjoy the dreamy nights of Persian deserts. Desert astronomy tours are one of the most popular adventurous tours in Iran since they include a memorable nightlife under the sky, listening to live music and having lots of fun with welcoming locals. For those who are more into adrenaline – rush activities, the off-road safari is an experience not to be missed while visiting the deserts of Iran.

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The Adventure Tours of Rafting

Are you looking for destinations to provide you with awesome rivers for an exciting rafting experience? Here’s a list of the best destinations for the traveler who want to enjoy river rafting in Iran.

Zayandeh Rood River

A river with 2 to 3 level of waves, Zayandeh Rood is a good choice for those who are between 12 – 50 years old and have enough experience in adventurous tours that include not-so-easy activities. It has three appropriate routes with the shortest one taking 30 minutes to be spent.

Haraz River

Another destination for the river-rafting adventurous, Haraz is a very famous river with waves that are at 2 to 3 level. Just like rafting Zayandeh Rood, this river requires you to be physically and mentally prepared for a rather too exciting experience! Are you ready?

Sefid Rood River

Rafting in Iran

Another option for the traveler who never gets enough of excitement, Sefid Rood River is the second longest river of Iran. Featuring waves of 2 to 3 level, it’s a great spot for those who love rafting and kayaking.

These are only a few of the famous rivers of Iran that are appropriate for rafting. Armand River, Sirvan River, Karaj River and Caesar River are other options that you can choose from. All of these rivers provide you with magnificent landscapes and are located in places that have adorable natural sights.

Explore Mysterious Caves!

Alisadr Cave in Iran

Iran is the land of majestic caves. The world’s longest river cave and the world’s longest salt cave are located in this country. Exploring the dark mysterious world inside a cave is something very exciting for any tourist who loves adventurous tours. Ali Sadr Cave in Hamadan is the most famous cave of Iran. It’s the world’s largest water cave and exploring its mazes while sitting in a boat gliding on water will be one of the highlights of your travel to Iran for sure.

Water-Sports in Kish Island

Kish Island Activities

Kish is another destination that we highly recommend to travelers who are more into sports and adventurous tours. Scuba Diving, Parasailing and jet skiing are only a few examples of many exciting activities that you can choose to try while traveling the beautiful Kish Island.

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