Traveling to the southern provinces of Iran near the adorable Persian Gulf means exploring a different aspect of this vast country. Majestic ports, eye-catching landscapes of the coastlines and magnificent natural wonders are plenty in these towns. Get the ticket and prepare for one of the most unique voyages of your lifetime!

Chabahar, Martian Mountains on Earth!

Martian Mountains of Chabahar

If you start your trip to Persian Gulf from southeast of Iran, Chabahar will be your first surprise. Although a port on the coast of the Gulf of Oman, Chabahar can be a start point for your Persian Gulf voyage since it is located in southern Iran and is very close to Persian Gulf Islands. It is home to one of the most phenomenal natural attractions of Iran which are referred to as “Miniature Mountains” or “Martian Mountains” due to their strange appearance that reminds us of planet Mars.

But this is not the only natural attraction that will amaze you in Chabahar. Darak, a village near Chabahar is located where sea of Omman joins Indian Ocean. This is the only point in Iran that the silvery water of sea and the golden sands of desert join together. What could be more poetic than this?

Darak Village in Iran

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Hormoz Island, Land of Colorful Sands

One of the marvels of Persian Gulf, Hormoz Island is mostly famous for its dazzlingly beautiful sands that glow like dusts of silver and come in different colors. That’s why Hormoz Island has been named “the Rainbow Island”. Every year, a festival is held in Hormoz that attracts many tourists to this island. During the event, artists come together to make a carpet with colorful sands and create a one of a kind masterpiece.

Carpet of Colorful Sands

As said before, Islands of the Persian Gulf have plenty of natural wonders in store for you. The rainbow island of Iran features the only edible mountain in the world. It may sound shocking but locals use the soil of this mountain as a spice for their cooking. The local cuisine of this era is so exceptional that you must not leave the island before having at least one delicious meal in a cozy restaurant or at the house of a welcoming local family.

Hengam Island, Visit an Authentic Persian Gulf Bazaar

Hengam Persian Gulf

Hengam is another must-see Island in your trip to the Persian Gulf in Iran. Like Hormoz Island, Hengam features sands that glow in the sunshine like tiny pieces of silver. But it’s mostly famous for the traditional bazaar that has become one of the most popular markets of Iran among travelers. It’s totally different from the typical Persian Bazaar and has a real Southern Iranian feel to it. Seeing men and women in traditional clothes selling handicrafts, local souvenirs, high quality cooking oils and appetizing spices that you cannot find in any other city of Iran is an experience not to be missed while traveling the Persian Gulf islands of the country. 

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“Mother and Daughter Stones” are other attractions of the island that you must visit and hear the folklore tale that lays behind them. According to the tale, a mother and daughter were escaping from a group of men who wanted to capture them and god turned them to into these stones in order to save them.

By the way, make sure you try some of the local foods of the Island and take long walks under the shadows of palm trees to complete your Hengam Island trip.

Qeshm, Wander amid the mysterious Valley of Stars

Qeshm is a far-famed island in south of Iran and is very popular among tourists due to having several interesting places to visit. “Valley of Stars” is the most famous attraction of this island and is a natural wonder that you must not miss during your voyage to the Persian Gulf. Featuring majestic canyons that have been naturally formed by erosions over centuries, this valley is named after a local belief that it was shaped after a star hit the ground. Although scientists know that the gorges of this valley have been formed by water and wind erosions, the story is still believed by the elderly of the area. Also, don’t get shocked to hear the locals say the valley is haunted. They believe it due to the scary sounds that can be heard during the night in the Valley of Stars. But scientifically speaking, the circulation of wind between the canyons of the valley make the strange sounds!

Stars Valley Gheshm

Moreover, the only similar phenomenon that you can find in the world is located in Arizona in USA. It’s a very rare natural wonder so don’t forget to bring your camera here since it is a paradise for photographers.

Chahkooh Canyon is another place that’s waiting to mesmerize you with its breathtaking magnificence. Walking between the tall walls of the canyon and exploring shells that date back to centuries ago – when it was underwater – feels so mysterious. Also, if you are a rock climber, this is the perfect place to climb up some untouched cliffs to see the landscape from another perspective.

Chahkooh in Qeshm

“Hara Forests” and “the Valley of Statues” are other natural attractions that you must not miss while traveling in Qeshm.

Kish, an Island for the Luxury Seeker

A free trade zone in south of Iran, Kish is located on the southern coast of Iran in the Persian Gulf and is said to be the third most popular destination in Southwest Asia while Dubai and Sharm el-Sheikh are the first and the second. Unlike Hormoz and Hengam that are mostly celebrated for their unspoiled originality and the authentic traditional ambiance that attract travelers from all over the world, Kish is predominantly admired for its luxurious hotels, modern shopping malls and the many leisure and entertainment facilities that it offers to tourists. Kish Recreational Great Pearl, Ocean Water Park and the famous aquarium are only a few of this Island’s delights. If you are interested to add a cultural touch to your trip, go for the popular Arabic House Tour and enjoy a cup of Arabic coffee while receiving a henna tattoo on your hands!

Kish Island Iran

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Abadan, Visit an Indian Mosque in Iran!

Abadan Rangooni Mosque

After reaching Khouzestan Province in southwest of Iran, you must visit Abadan as one of the most prominent cities near the Persian Gulf. You’ll get amazed by the spectacular “Mosque of Rangoonis” which displays an Indian architecture and was built for people of Rangoon (a city in Myanmar) who used to live in Abadan for a long period of time. The Museum of Abadan with its unique architecture inspired by the Tomb of Daniel which is located in Susa, an Armenian church in the vicinity of a mosque which depicts a beautiful religious tolerance among the locals and the lively fish market  of Abadan are must-visits of this city. In addition to visiting Abadan, you can plan to have a tour at the ancient city of Susa and get astonished by its historical marvels such as Tchogha Zanbil before leaving Khouzestan Province.

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