Honeymoon is one of the most memorable times for any newlywed couple. Spending quality time together far away from home and making unforgettable memories is what every honeymooner wishes for. Iran is one of the best choices for newlyweds who’d love to opt for an out of the box destination. It’s an upmarket option and offers a mix of natural, cultural and historical attractions alongside modern and luxurious appeals. You’ll be provided will multitude of choices, from spending days in a cozy villa in splendid green nature of Northern Iran to dazzling nights in magnificent deserts of Iran. From luxurious hotels and ski resorts in Tehran to tranquil beaches in Kish Island. No matter which place you choose to visit in this country, your romantic trip to Iran will be a cherished memory forever. Here’s a guide to help you choose your honeymoon destinations in Iran.

honeymoon in Iran

Tips to Know Before Traveling to Iran as a Newlywed Couple

Before making plans for your sweet honeymoon, note that there are a few facts you should know about Iran as an Islamic country. Although these few restrictions do not lessen the joy of spending time together as a newlywed couple, you must be aware of them before making decisions. Bear in mind that hijab is compulsory for women and alcohol drinks are illegal in the country. Therefore, if swimming in the sea with your spouse or going to the bar are activities that you want to include in your honeymoon, Iran cannot be a perfect choice for you. However, if exploring historical towns, wandering in vibrant bazaars, hiking in unspoiled nature and watching local musicians playing music beside the beaches of the Persian Gulf sound exciting to you, don’t hesitate to choose Iran for having a magical honeymoon in the land of one thousand and one nights.

Places to Visit during Honeymoon in Iran

Iran has not been widely known as a choice for honeymooners. But if you and your spouse are looking for an offbeat spot with awe-inspiring historical attractions, hospitable people and miraculously delicious cuisine to create unique memories of your romantic vacation, opt for honeymoon destinations in Iran. You can choose the cities and towns due to your interests as a couple. The list below helps you find out where you should visit, stay and spend time in Iran. Enjoy!

Tehran – For Luxury Seekers

Tabiat Bridge Tehran

Tabiat Bridge

Tehran, as the capital of Iran, provides travelers with plenty of options for entertainment, dining and shopping. If you and your spouse are looking for a city with luxurious hotels, lavish shopping malls and fancy restaurants while being close to some of the most admired historical and cultural attractions of Iran, you must choose Tehran as your honeymoon destination.

Wandering among the lively passageways of Tehran’s Grand bazaar with your significant other, visiting the elegant Golestan Palace which is a UNESCO heritage site, skiing in the popular ski resort of Tehran called “Dizin” and enjoying the exuberant nightlife of Tehran on the famous Tabiat Bridge, in modern cafes and restaurants make for a complete romantic vacation. By the way, make sure you visit the majestic Iran Mall which is the largest shopping mall in the world!


Iran Mall

Hanah Boutique Hotel and the Espinas Palace Hotel are two of the most popular accommodations in Tehran. But there are plenty of other places to choose from.

Hestooran, Mestooran, Divan, Alighapoo and the famous restaurant of Milad Tower are some of the most popular places for dining out in Tehran. Also, don’t miss out on the vibrant restaurants of Darband and Darakeh which provide you with beautiful landscapes in open-air space.

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Shiraz – For Poetry Admirers

Tomb of Hafiz

Tomb of Hafez

When tourists think of Shiraz, the images of Persepolis, Pasargadae and Nazir al-Molk Mosque come to their minds. But Iranians often refer to Shiraz as the city of Poetry and Baharnarenj Blooms. It’s the city where Hafez – the most admired poet by Iranians – and Sa’adi – one of the most respected poets of Iran – lived. Once you enter Shiraz, the poetic aura and charm of the city make you fall in love with its many attractions. The colorful mosque of Nasir al-Molk, the glorious Qavam house, Vakil bazar and Eram Garden (which is one of the best examples of Persian Gardens) should be some of your honeymoon destinations in Iran especially if you and your spouse want to visit places with authentic Iranian ambiance. Make sure you visit the Thomb of Hafez which surrounds you with its spiritual feel and ask someone to open a book of “Verses of Hafez” and read it aloud for you as a way of fortune-telling! It’s a very popular tradition among Iranians and we bet you’ll love it!

Panj Dari Boutique Hotel and Gol Taha Boutique Hotel are two of the best accommodations in Shiraz that will spoil you as a newlywed couple with great hospitality and awesome service!

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eram garden in Shiraz

Eram Garden

Isfahan – A Romantic Stroll along the Bridge 

The far-famed Naghsh-e-Jahan Square is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations one can ask for. A UNESCO heritage site, this magnificent square features some of the most adorable architectural gems of Iran. After visiting all of them – which takes you a few hours – you must go for a long walk on Si-o-Se-pol Bridge which is one of the most splendid bridges of Iran. The relaxed nightlife on the bridge, the local musicians who play their musical instruments under the chambers of Si-o-Se Pol and the young couples who stroll along it hand in hand bring a lovely atmosphere to the place that will never be removed from your honeymoon memories.

si-o-se pol

Si-o-Se Pol Bridge

We suggest you to choose Hotel Sonnati Isfahan for your overnight stays in the city since it’s a beautiful historical mansion that will leave you speechless!

Kish – For the Beach Lovers

If you and your spouse are beach lovers and prefer to unwind in tranquil coastlines of the Persian Gulf, we suggest you to choose Kish as your honeymoon destination in Iran. Why not stay at one of the luxurious hotels of Kish Island, dine in fabulous restaurants and enjoy the beauty of the sea? Toranj Hotel is the most famous accommodation in the island. Featuring rooms with glass floors that display sea creatures, this hotel is an awesome choice for a unique experience.  

Kish Island Iran

Kish Island

If you are into exciting entertainments such as Safari, parasailing, karting, underwater scooter and fly board, Kish has a lot to offer! Cycling along the Coconut Beach and visiting the Birds Garden are other activities that Kish provides for lovey dovey couples!

We highly recommend you to try sailing the glass bottom boats to watch all the incredible underwater sea creatures and then go for a house tour in the lovely Arabic House located in the neighborhood where most Arab locals live. It’s a 200 year old traditional house which is now used as a museum of anthropology. You will be served Arabic coffee and tasty sweet dates of the Southern Iran after the house tour.

Most interestingly, local women will do henna art for ladies who like this Arab – Indian tradition. Henna designs are traditionally done for weddings and are integral parts of bridal makeup in the south of Iran. So, if you are a bride who’s enjoying her honeymoon, go for it!

Abyaneh – Hand in Hand in the Lovely Red Village

AByaneh Village for Honeymoon

Abyaneh Village

An adorable village with 2000 years of history, Abyaneh is mostly famous for its red houses that have made it a distinguished small historic town. Abyaneh is a perfect choice for couples who are looking for quiet and cozy honeymoon destinations in Iran. Imagine the long walks along old alleys hand in hand with your love, watching locals in their traditional clothes who welcome you warmly and staying in a cozy local red house for the night.

Abyaneh in Iran

Abyaneh Village


Masouleh – Relax in the Heart of Green Nature

masouleh village in Iran

Masouleh Village

Another spot for couples who prefer to spend days in a lovely village away from the bustle and buzz of big cities, Masouleh is located in the beautiful province of Gilan which is mostly known for its green nature and lovely weather. But what attracts tons of tourists to this village is the way that local houses have been built here. Not only does the rooftop of each house serve as the courtyard of the house built on top of it, but also the roofs and courtyards of each house are used as passageways of the village. The green nature that surrounds you is marvelous, local houses are so comfortable and oh, the cuisine… it’s the best that you can ask for!

honeymoon in Masouleh

Masouleh Village


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