Many people think of deserts when they consider visiting natural attractions of Iran. But there is much more than that to explore in this country. Interestingly, mountains make 30 percent of Iran’s surface. So why not spice up your trip to Iran with visiting mountains? Here we’re going to introduce the best mountains of Iran for those who are looking for destinations to experience mountaineering, rock climbing, skiing and even meditating in peaceful natural spots while traveling Iran.

Mount Damavand

Mount Damavand


Mount Damavand proudly stands in the Alborz range, brilliant as a white diamond with its snowy summit glowing throughout most months of the year. You can see this mountain during the clear days of Tehran even from the city center.

Damavand is regarded as a dormant volcano since no eruptions have ever been reported there. But as sulfurous gases are sometimes emitted from near its crater, it’s also referred to as a potentially active volcano by some.

 Damavand is a quite accessible peak featuring a 5000 meter height and 16 routes to choose from. Each of the routes have a different level of difficulty so you can decide which one to opt for due to your skills and experiences. Unsurprisingly, the southern face of Mount Damavand is the most popular one because it is home to hot springs and also features a midway camp at 4,250 meters. But if you are a photographer who seeks for unique sunset views, we definitely suggest you to take the western path.

Mount Damavand has frequently been referred to as a motif in Persian poetry. It is known as a symbol of Iran and the national pride of Iranians. It has also been referred to as the symbol of strength and resistance in Persian literature. If you are a poetry enthusiast, visiting Damavand must be added to you Iran travel bucket list.

The best time to climb the magnificent Mount Damavand is between June and September.


Tochal ski resort

Tochal is another famous mountain adjacent to Tehran. This mountain is mostly known for its ski resort which is a paradise for all ski lovers. You can choose to reach the ski resort by cable car or by foot. Either way, you will be amazed by the range of recreational activities available. Zip line, Bungee Jumping, sledge and rock climbing are for those who would like to have some adrenaline rush. But if you are not into these kinds of activities, you can enjoy playing billiard or tennis. If you are planning to visit Iran in winter, make sure you go to Tochal ski resort.

Martian Mountains

Martian Mountains

Chabahar is a city in east south of Iran with very unique geographical characteristics. After visiting Chabahar and its many attractions, you can head to the city of Goater where so many natural wonders await you. The road to Goater will fascinate you with the scenery of beach and red sand on one side and the baffling Martian Mountains on the other.

These mountains are undoubtedly one of the natural wonders and the most unique mountains of Iran. They are also referred to as Miniature Mountains or Kalani among locals. These one of a kind natural masterpieces in shades of gold and white give you an illusion of being on Mars. The shapes and colors are nothing like what you have seen in any other place! It’s interesting to know that these mountains date back to 4 – 5 million years ago and are formed along the Zagros Mountains with diverse altitudes.

Martian Mountains of Chabahar

 For instance, you might find a mountain with only a 5 meters of height and then see another one which is 100 meters high.

If you enjoy exploring unique and less touched natural spots, you have to visit the Martian Mountains of Iran. You can even see fish and whale fossils while trekking here.

Chabahar Martian Mountains

Rock climbing and taking pictures in this area are can’t – miss experiences for any mountain lover. Not to mention that a night stay in the Martian Mountains area is a mind blowing experience since the vast skyline displays 14 constellations at the same time!

Alam Kuh

The second highest peak in Iran, Alam Kuh (Mount Alam) with the elevation of 4848 meters, stands splendidly in the Alborz mountain range. This mountain, located in Takht-e-Soleyman area in Mazandaran province is one of the most popular destinations for mountain climbers in this country. Interestingly, Alam kuh is mostly popular among rock climbers. Since the north face of the mountain features a gigantic wall with a height of 800 meters, it makes for a perfect rock climbing place. If you visit Alam Kuh in summer, you will enjoy a very nice weather and a green landscape. This mountain is often referred to as the most technical mountain climbing destination in Iran due to its famous granite wall which makes passing the route a bit challenging.

There are several routes to climb Alam Kuh but the most famous ones are Hesarchal and Alamchal. Hesarchal is an easier path and presents a vast field which is always being admired by campers. Most mountaineers choose to take a rest here and treat themselves with food and beverage before continuing the route.

Hesarchal is a more challenging path but it’s the main reason for the fame of Alam Kuh. Taking this route requires you to choose between rock climbing – climbing the famous wall of Alam Kuh – or trekking the rocky routes surrounding the wall.

It’s noteworthy that Alam kuh was registered as a National Natural monument in June 11, 2002.


Some people prefer to give a cultural or historical twist to their mountain climbing experience. If you like to do the same, Alamut is a perfect choice to go for. Alamut, as one of the most admired mountains in Iran, is also known as the Valley of Assassins. This mountain provides a hiking path toward a historical castle which belonged to a group called Assassins during 1090 – 1275. They were a secret group branched from Nizari Ismailism who used to hide and live in the mountains and had a tradition of killing anyone who opposed their leader.

Alamut Castle

Climbing this mountain, taking pictures with the castle and and hearing about the real stories that have happened in this historical site make for an unforgettable adventure.

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Sabalan, an inactive volcano, is the third highest mountain in Iran. It is mostly famous for a lake that is located just on its summit. Visiting this mountain requires you to go to Ardabil province which is a city with remarkable natural and historical attractions.

Sabalan has 3 main summits named Soltan Savalan, Heram and Kasra. Soltan Savalan is the highest one and displays an eagle shaped stone which is known as the symbol of Mount Sabalan.

Mount Sabalan

In addition to the beautiful lake, you can also visit its famous Alvares ski resort. This resort is entirely snow-covered eight months a year and is very popular among ski lovers.


Mount Sahand

Often referred to as “the bride of Iran’s mountains”, Sahand is an inactive volcano in East Azarbaijan province in northwestern Iran. This mountain is predominantly known for the beauty it displays during the warm seasons when it’s entirely covered by colorful flowers and rare plants. If you get to the slopes, you’ll see the springs that are vastly known for medical treatments among the locals.

So, if you are a photographer or nature lover who admires mountains with delicate landscapes, Mount Sahand must be your next adventure destination.

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