After a week of distress in Iran, as the protests have calmed down and everyone has gone back to normal, let’s take a look at what happened during the past week in the country.  

As Trump announced severe sanctions on Iran, the economy of the country has started to plummet. The value of Iranian Rial has fall gradually and this has affected the lives of Iranians vastly. Therefore, the government of Iran made new decisions. Following the sharp fall in income, the government of Iran decided to raise petrol prices in order to offset the impact of US sanctions.

What happened?

On 14th of November, it was announced by the authorities of Iran that the petrol price has had a 50 percent increase which means every person is allowed to get 60 liters of Petrol per month at IR 15000 a liter. Extra petrol can be received at IR 30000 a liter. This abrupt change of price came as a shock to people of Iran and led to a great economic stress among them.

On 15th of November, large crowds of protesters gathered in several cities of Iran in order to object to the rise of petrol price. At first, they blocked traffic as a way to show their discontentment but gradually the form of the protests changed. It’s important to note that the demonstrations mostly happened in areas with working class people and neighborhoods that are predominantly occupied by people with lower income. It is quite understandable that the economic shock could stress these people overwhelmingly due to the huge impact of petrol price in their economic life. Not to mention that a lot of unemployed people in Iran work as taxi drivers since the price of petrol has always been rather cheap in this country. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that the people with lower income showed much anger as they learned about the new petrol price.


The protests went on for a few days and unfortunately, they turned violent in some of the cities. Several banks were set on fire and even schools were closed for the safety of students.

Shutdown of Internet Services

The authorities of Iran decided to implement a total shutdown of internet services as a way to control the situation and prevent more violation across the country. The internet blackout lasted for nearly a week and even the businesses that work in Iran couldn’t have access to international internet services in order to communicate with their partners and customers abroad. However, the national websites and applications that do not require communication with foreign countries could function during the internet blackout.

How’s everything going on in Iran after the protests?

Luckily, now that a week has passed, Iran is back to its normal. The protests are over and the internet is restored after a week-long shutdown. Students are going back to school across the country and businesses are working as they used to work just a week before the petrol price hike.

How did the Protests Affect the Tourism of Iran?

Now that the riots are over, the streets are safe and calm and there’s no need to worry about traveling in Iran. In fact, all these protests and riots have no impact on travelers and the itineraries can go on as planned.

If you travel any country with a reputable tour company, you can be certain that no problems can happen to you during your vacation. Iran is an ideal tourism destination especially if you travel across its cities with an Iranian tour guide. Even the tourists who were traveling in Iran during the past week could comfortably visit Iran’s historical and natural attractions. In fact, the tourists could hardly feel the unrest since the tourist attractions of Iran are mainly located in places distant from the centers of protests and they were safely took to their destinations by their tour guides.

Responsible Tourism: How can a traveler help?

Although the rise in petrol price and the protests will not affect any travelers’ plan who is willing to visit Iran, tangible changes are inevitable in the economic situation of people of Iran. It’s foreseeable that there will be an increase in the price of goods in the country and this will have a huge impact on the lives of Iranians. As explained earlier, these all came as results of severe sanctions by Trump Administration. This is when tourism can help promote the economy of the country.

But how? How can a traveler help the situation?

After all, we love to travel because we love to learn about people of the world. And who can be indifferent to people who have been great and loving hosts to them?

This is when the importance of Responsible Tourism must be highlighted. Responsible Tourism refers to attempts for “making better places for people to live and making better places for people to visit”.

Those who work in the tourism industry try their best to make Responsible Tourism as part of their work ethics. This means they try to provide more enjoyable experiences for tourists while helping them connect to the cultural and environmental issues of the local people. They also try to generate respect between tourists and hosts while building local pride and confident.

On the other hand, people who are willing to be responsible tourists try to benefit the economy of the local people throughout their vacations. Tourism brings new money into the economy of the host country. This means responsible tourists try to help the people of their host country by buying their goods and spending money in their towns. That’s why tourists are usually encouraged to buy clothes and other goods made by local producers instead of opting for internationally recognized brands.

Responsible Tourism leads to a win-win situation. For instance, travelers can enjoy having tasty meals at local restaurants and buying souvenirs that are mainly handcrafts made by locals. At the same time, people of the host country can benefit from the new money that gets into circulation. This can even lead to creating job opportunities in towns and villages that host travelers.

So, if you are interested in visiting Iran and are concerned about recent unrest in the country, we reassure you that all cities of Iran are now in peace and you can plan your visit to Iran whenever you want to.

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