With its awe-inspiring history, colorful nature and rich culture, Iran is a destination for all seasons. Not only has it so many cultural and historical attractions to visit, but it also features a lot of hiking and trekking opportunities for those interested in adventure travel tours.

Away from Tehran’s luxurious restaurants, modern shopping malls and crowded streets, lie mysterious valleys, ancient Hyrcanian forests, majestic mountains, and the delicate beauty of deserts.

As 17th of November, known as “Take-a-Hike Day” in some countries is approaching, let’s take a look at what Iran has to offer to hikers!

Alamut: Connect with History in the Mysterious Valley of Assassins

Alamut valley

Iran presents some of the most astonishing valleys of the earth. One of the most famous valleys of Iran is the Alamout Valley, located approximately 100 km away from Tehran. If you are a hiker who craves for the silence and peace of pristine nature, this mysterious spot is a must-see for you!

You will be driven up to the mountains and among valleys until you arrive to the Castle of Assassins of Gozar Khan. From that point, your hiking journey begins. Although, you can choose to reach the castle on foot if climbing 400 stone stairs doesn’t sound terrifying to you!  

Climbing up the Castle of Assassins and enjoying the landscape while listening to the history of this castle narrated by your guide is an unforgettable experience.

The Assassins were a secret group branched from Nizari Ismailism, a segment of one of the branches of Shi’a Islam (1090 to 1275) who used to hide and live in the mountains of Iran. They were given the name by their opponents due to their tradition of killing anyone who opposed their leader. Imagine how mysterious it could feel to listen to the stories of the Assassins while exploring the breathtaking mountains and cliffs where they used to live.

As you complete your hiking trail and pass the castle, you’ll find yourself at the foot of Alborz, which is proudly displaying its glorious snowy summits. You can continue your hiking trail towards the opposite flank of the Valley of the Assassins to enjoy a stunning view of the mountains with historical ruins glowing under the light of sun. Camping in the green spaces among the valleys is also very enjoyable for those who love spending time in nature.

Undoubtedly, socializing with locals and enjoying their traditional cuisines will be one of the highlights of your hiking trip in the mysterious Assassin’s valley of Iran.

Heights of Masal: a Green Paradise Covered by Mist

Masal Iran

Masal is one of the surprises that Iran has in store for its travelers! Keep your camera on hand when trekking the heights of misty Masal! As poetic as it sounds, hiking through the mist and watching an all-green landscape where colorful houses of the locals appear from time to time is an irresistible offer for hikers. Masal is a small green land with floral fields and astonishing rivers. Feeling the cool fresh air while enjoying a hot cup of tea, accompanied by the warm hospitality of the locals who are offering to host you with their tasty cuisines will make one of the best memories of Iran for you.

If you decide to stay in one of the local accommodations overnight, you can expect to wake up to a dreamy misty morning and enjoy an unforgettable breakfast in the heights of Masal.

breakfast in Masal Iran

Deserts of Iran: Pure beauty in silence

Deserts of Iran

Once you let your feet touch the smooth sands of any desert, an incomparable feeling touches you. Your visit to Iran will be unfinished without seeing one of its marvelous deserts. Dasht-e Kavir, Kavir-e-Maranjab and Kavir-e-Shahdad are some of the most famous deserts of Iran. Definitely, each one of them has its own character and is worth a visit.

Walking along the trekking path, trying to absorb all the beauty, you’ll feel the magic of the vast desert is conquering you. Walk along and watch the sand dunes that keep so many untold stories in their hearts.

Sitting on the sands, looking at the golden space and listening to the sound of wind is so heart-touching that can truly work as a kind of meditation for everyone.

Watching the sunset and sunrise over the dunes is one of the main reasons that so many photographers choose to visit a desert. If you manage to arrive to the desert before sunrise, you can capture some priceless pictures of the beautiful moment of sun coming up in the sky. Moreover, if you choose to stay for a one-night camping in the desert, you can also enjoy the picturesque sunset from the same spot.

Shahdad Desert

Furthermore, staying in a remote desert for the night, getting mesmerized by the stars and sleeping in a tent is a unique experience that seems like a dream to a lot of people. But if you’re not interested in overnight camping, you can choose to stay in a comfortable desert guesthouse. These guesthouses are mostly traditional houses with basic amenities and a very lovely atmosphere. Not to mention that they offer very delicious authentic cuisines!

Live music by local musicians and stargazing at night in the desert is another precious experience that you must not miss during your visit to Iran.

Also, don’t forget that camel riding! It’s an important part of this unique tour! Watch the scenery of the desert while riding a camel and listening to the camel bells ringing. Imagine how many camel caravans have passed the desert throughout history. Trying the camel riding, you‘ll definitely feel as if you’re traveling in time!

camel riding in deserts of Iran

If you are looking for some adventures in the deserts of Iran and like to add some excitement to your trip, don’t miss out on the sand surfing and off-road safari which are very popular among travelers.

Much more is waiting for you

As you can see, Iran has a lot of locations that make perfect destinations for hiking tours. But this is not the end of the story. The vast country presents so many other options for those who are interested in eco-tourism and want to dive into the beauties of nature. Cycling tours in Lar National Park, skiing in Iran’s ski slopes, bird-watching in different cities in the north and south of the country, spending days in the country-sides and socializing with the welcoming locals of the small villages are just a few of what you can expect. In addition, we can combine the eco-tours with cultural and historical ones in order to provide you with itineraries that cover several aspects of Iran’s tourism. If you are interested to learn about the tours that we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

17th of November is coming! Let’s choose a destination and take a hike!