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At Land of Turquoise Domes, we are constantly looking for ways to optimize the quality of our service for those who wish to travel to this four seasons land. To fulfil our promise to those who want to go deeper and learn about Iran’s arts, crafts, culture or nature, we have devised a dedicated category of special interest tours.


What should I expect from Special Interest Tours?

The Special Interest tours cover food, carpets, handicrafts and textiles. In addition, they include star-gazing and spending time in nature.

We hope that the examples given below will build up your appetite for discovery trips with us.

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Iran’s attractions are not limited to historical sights and deserts. Indulge yourself in the country’s delicious cuisine, fruits and sweets. Learn about regional variations and unknown delicacies.

As you know, Iran’s varied cuisine is influenced by regional climates, terrain and ethnicity.

We have a 17-day tour called Gastronomic Iran. This tour will surprise you with the diversity of Persian cuisines.

Gastronomic Iran includes the main sightseeing attractions but with an added emphasis on discovering the country’s cuisine.

So don’t miss these exciting special interests tours! 

cuisine tours in Iran

Persian Carpet Tour

They say that Persian carpets are ‘woven from the soul and spun from the heart’.

Iran’s centuries-old tradition of carpet weaving is famous around the world. Its celebrated carpets range from homely woollen pieces made by nomadic tribes to extravagant silk rugs with elaborate patterns.

Learn about Persian Carpets is a 13-day tour. An independent Iranian carpet expert and collector who has a passion for quality carpets will lead this tour.

Since this expert has an eye for carpets made with the best materials, you will learn a lot about carpets in this special tour. For instance, you will learn about the natural dyes and traditional patterns.  

In addition, If you choose a special interest tour, You will visit the country’s main attractions with a detour to meet nomads and experience their way of life.

Persian Carpet

Star-Gazing in the summer nights

Iran’s countryside and rural areas boast incredibly clear skies. Since these places are mostly free of light pollution, they make perfect sites for star-gazing and astro-tourism.

Astro-tourism – Night Sky Tour is a 9-day tour. We ideally plan it for the summer months. In other words, from the end of August to mid-September you will experience star-gazing in the Valley of Assassins.

Also, you will visit attractions such as Soltaniyeh’s historic mausoleum and Tabriz’s immense bazaar.

As a culinary bonus you may also enjoy the cherry-picking season.

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A Tour for Cheetah Lovers

The critically endangered Asiatic cheetah survives mostly in the northeast & east-central regions of Iran. This cheetah is also known as the Iranian cheetah and lives in the provinces of Semnan, Yazd and North Khorasan.

In Search of the Asiatic Cheetah is a tour that appeals to wildlife and nature enthusiasts. It is designed to operate with a maximum of ten guests. Therefor, in this tour you will have the opportunity to spot the Asiatic cheetah in the wild in Khar Turan National Park and Wildlife Refuge ( a UNESCO-recognised biosphere reserve).

The park covers an area of approximately 14,000 square kilometres. It has a variety of habitats that include three extensive plains at different altitudes (ranging from 700 to 1400m), a salt water river system, three mountains rising to a maximum of 2200m and vast expanses of sands and shifting dunes.

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In conclusion, we try our best to meet your interests in these special interest tours. However, if you are looking for more, contact us and we can work together on bespoke itineraries.