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Job requirement – Sales and Marketing Dep.

Job title: Content Creation Expert

About us:

Land of Turquoise Domes Tour and Travel Company is centered around one idea, and one idea only: offering an exceptional and unique experience to visitors of this historic land.
Combining years and years of experience with the passion, enthusiasm and expertise of all members of our team, we make sure you have a distinct and unforgettable journey in Iran.

We arrange different tours to make sure everyone gets what they are looking for in their visit. We cater to all types of visitors from those who are looking for a curated journey to show them the best that Iranian sights, monuments, history and heritage has to offer, all the way to the adventurers looking to take in the breathtaking atmosphere of Iran’s vast geographical diversity and natural treasures. Let us show you what the legend of Iranian hospitality is all about!


About this job:

The ideal candidate possesses a passion for writing and innovative ability to create successful marketing campaigns and aid in creating company growth. You will be responsible for generating exciting and compelling stories on digital media of our company. You should have good knowledge about Iran and its rich potentials as special tourism destinations and you should be interested to present all these beauties to our foreign audiences all around the world.



  1. Creating English content to be posted on our website, newsletter and social media.
  2. Study and research on different aspects of Iranian culture, history and anthropology.
  3. Making videos about company events and ceremonies.
  4. Working with the social media team to share content.



  1. Sufficient proficiency in English especially in writing tourism related articles
  2. Eagerness to learn and study on Iran tourism and its many aspects
  3. Knowledge of content creation basics (SEO, punctuation, etc)
  4. Passion and creativity in creating original, effective and engaging content
  5. Good PR and communication skills for effective communication with clients (answering emails, messages, etc)
  6.  Eager and responsible team player



  1. Working with a young and dynamic team
  2. Friendly and energetic work environment
  3. Lunch and snack are provided
  4. Chance to follow personal goals in the form of dynamic company projects
  5. Great learning and skill development opportunity


• Part-time, in office
• Address: LoTD Marketing dep – Jordan blvd, Tehran – Iran• Salary: varies depending on applicant’s skillset


Hiring process:

  1. Send your resume to (Please mention job title in subject)
  2. An interview will be scheduled
  3. 2-week probation
  4. Signing of the contract



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