nature iran

Whether you are an adventurer, have a love of nature or just like active holidays, you will have a memorable time in Iran. Iran is mostly famous for its historic and religious sites, arid deserts and parched plains but you may be surprised to know that its numerous geographical and climatic zones allow for countless and varied outdoor activities. 


There are a wide range of holiday opportunities for adventure enthusiasts such as white-water rafting, mountain trekking, cross country hiking, cycle rides, skiing, water sports, caving, bird watching, and wildlife photographic safaris on horseback. Our adventure and nature department has designed a number of sample tours. These include: Camping in Qeshm, the largest island in the Persian Gulf with its globally recognized geopark, magical deserts, picturesque coastline and mountains; Three Magical Days in Sands, exploring the arid central areas and Discover Lut Desert, a wilderness like no other.



Several of the national parks, protected areas and wildlife refuges in Iran can be visited by arrangement to ensure the protection of delicate ecosystems. Our programmes Walking Tour of Lar National Park and In Search of the Asiatic Cheetah in Khar Touran protected area, offer a combination of nature and culture, giving the visitor a unique experience.




If your interest lies in bird watching or photographic wildlife safaris, we can organise bespoke tours and guide you to the best sites and advise you of the best time of year to visit.





Discover our website and take a look at our Nature and Adventure tours, let us know what appeals and we will guide you to make the best choice.