Arts in contemporary Iran

Due to the growing global success of the Iranian cinema, the first Iranian International Film Market (IFM) was established (1998) to coincide with Fajr International Film Festival which is held in February of each year. Times Magazine named the Iranian cinema “The Home of The World’s Most Reliable Art-Film Industry.”

Iran’s contemporary cinema and its gifted film makers are well known internationally but film-making is not all that is happening here.

Cinema and more…

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A look at the long list of art galleries and art centres in Tehran and other cities reveals the extent of popularity of other forms of visual arts; covering painting, installation art, videos, sculpting, animation, photography and sculpture. Performing arts, theatre , Iranian traditional and religious plays are wide spread and enjoyed by Iranians.




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Young pioneers and established artist contribute to this vibrant and buoyant sector, with many crossing the borders and establishing themselves in the international art world. The art market is healthy with private or gallery sales and regular auction events. With the expansion of international interest in the arts every year Iranian artists arrange exhibitions and sell art pieces in prominent art houses and galleries around the world.




The museum of Contemporary Arts and The House of Artists (in Tehran) are just two of the centres for the international visitor to experience the contemporary and modern arts in Iran.





When visiting Iran do not limit yourself to visiting historical and religious sites, make time to experience and explore Iranian contemporary Arts, such as the recent exhibition of cartoons with the subject of “Made in Iran” at the House of Artists(Iranian Artists Forum), an exhibition organised with the idea of encouraging people to buy and use Iranian made goods to help promote development of national sustainable industries (The House of Artists, Tehran from 4-7 January 2017).





Music has its special place in the lives of Iranians. Iranian classical music, folkloric and ethnic music and pop songs are listened to by their audiences. Iran National Orchestra, Iran Symphony Orchestra and many other music groups and musicians regularly perform in Iran and organise concert tours around the globe. 

Fajr Music Festival, Tehran International Contemporary Music Festival, Young Musicians Festival and Our Music Festival (Musicema) are held annually. If your visit happens to coincide with any of the music festivals ensure to secure a ticket or two for the performances.

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