Skiing in Iran

Skiing in Iran

At 1.6 million square kilometers, Iran seems a large place to be overlooked, and yet winter sports enthusiasts do not know much about its snow covered mountains and winter resorts.

The Alborz mountain range alone include a large portion of Iran’s peaks of 4000m and over with an average snowfall of up to 7m. Alborz resorts are only a short drive from the capital city Tehran. In favourable years Iranian resorts offer good skiing conditions from mid-November to May.

Dizin ResortA world class resort : DIZIN Ski Resort

There are some good ski resorts in Iran, the best and most popular is the resort of Dizin to the north of Tehran. Dizin is one of the 40 highest ski resorts in the world and has one of the highest ski lift which reaches to an elevation of some 3,600 m (11,800 ft). Climatic conditions of Dizin allows for prolonged periods of powder snow making for superb skiing. Its high altitude allows for longer snow season compared to other resorts across northern hemisphere.


With a variety of runs it serves both the beginner and the professional, given the elevation and the gradient of most slopes it is perhaps the professionals who would enjoy this resort the most.

Ski-boarders love the facilities and are welcome.Dizin’s ski season is not limited to the winter months as it has excellent grass ski facilities. This grass-ski centre was host to the first International Grass-Ski Tournament in 1996 an event organised by the International Ski Federation.

Tour of the week: Ski in Iran 

Our Ski in Iran tour can be designed for a long weekend of skiing in Dizin and a visit of Tehran highlights. Another option for those who just need a winter break is to ski for 5 days and then go to Qeshm Island for winter sun, beautiful weather, water sports and natural beauty.