Masouleh - Iran

If mosques and ancient ruins  aren’t enough to satisfy a sightseeing tour, Iran’s varied and dramatic landscapes offer the demanding traveller a wealth of awe inspiring, unspoilt views to discover. From mountains to deserts, to forests and caves. Its varied terrain and climatic diversity with majestic mountain ranges, dense forests, never-ending deserts, green valleys and coasts offers wide ranging opportunities for those interested in the natural world.


The impossibly blue skies of the central desert are only matched by its night time spectacle of twinkling stars and the sparkling galaxies.





Asiatic Cheetah

The country’s unique fauna and flora attracts those with a scientific eye and animal lovers alike. One can drive deep in to the desert to get a glimpse of the Asiatic wildlife and go on accompanied treks to see the conservation programme to save the Asiatic cheetah.



All this makes Iran a wonderful destination for those interested in natural history and geological curiosities.

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