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Land of Turquoise Domes

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Land of Turquoise Domes

Tour and Travel Company

Land of Turquoise Domes

Land of Turquoise Domes

Tour and Travel Company

Land of Turquoise Domes

Tour and Travel Company

Land of Turquoise Domes

Tour and Travel Company

Welcome To Iran

Explore Iran the Land of four seasons with its rich and colourful history, countless monuments, Archaeological sites and relics, Iranian hospitality and delicious food. We are here to guide and offer you a memorable trip to Iran.


Iran or officially the Islamic Republic of Iran is a large Middle Eastern country in Western Asia with about 78.4 million inhabitants.

In recent years the name of Iran or Persia as many refer to it, has been associated with an ongoing nuclear dispute and extensive talks with world powers (5 +1) but Iran is much more than that.

It is a geographically diverse country with splendid mountain ranges, vast mystical deserts, alpine forests and green plains. From the shores of the Caspian Sea to the north to the semi-tropical Persian Gulf and Oman Sea to the south, the country has many different climatic conditions with many different cultures, ethnicities and religions to match.

The many cultures and ethnicities have roots in distant times. With some 25 centuries of history Iran has countless monuments and archaeological sites.



For many the word Persia conjures up images of carpets, miniatures, ceramics, beautiful architecture and poetry.

The term coined by Herodotus (484 BC) alluded to the region of Fars, the seat of the Achaemenids and was in common use until 20th C when the correct term Iran, as used by the Iranians all along, was introduced  to the  international community.


The Achaemenid Empire (6 BC) started it all.

A unifying force, yet respectful of national identities covering lands from the Indus Valley to the Nile Delta, creating a unique multicultural civilisation.

The historian Professor Pope and the philosopher Will Durant have discussed the influences of this empire on the march of the civilisation in great detail.

We are now ready to show you Iran’s glorious past and its continuing civilisation, so start planning your trip today.



Iran lies between latitudes 24° and 40° N, and longitudes 44° and 64° E and is divided into thirty one provinces.

Its varied terrain and climatic diversity with majestic mountain ranges, dense forests, never-ending deserts, green valleys and coasts offers wide ranging opportunities for those interested in the natural world.

The impossibly blue skies of the central desert are only matched by its night time spectacle of twinkling stars and the sparkling galaxies.


The country’s unique fauna and flora attracts those with a scientific eye and animal lovers alike. One can drive deep in to the desert to get a glimpse of the Asiatic wild ass and go on accompanied treks to see the conservation programme to save the Asiatic cheetah.

All this makes Iran a wonderful destination for those interested in natural history and geological curiosities.



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Whistle stop tour

Iran whistle stop tour is designed for first time visitors who are after a quality sampler of Iran. It covers the three major cities of Shiraz, Isfahan and Tehran and a stopover in Kashan. Despite its speed we hope to be able to offer a memorable and exciting trip for you.

Lut desert -3

Magical days in sands

Iran Deserts have long been fascinating for tourists and safari makers. Let’s know more about our Iran Desert Tour! We have designed a number of tours that will cater for desert enthusiast. These tours can also be organised as a combination with our cultural and historical tours.

Skiing in Iran

Ski in Iran

At 1.6 million square kilometres, Iran seems a large place to be overlooked, and yet winter sports enthusiasts do not know much about its snow covered mountains and winter resorts.


Iran Grandeur Tour

On the Iran Granduer tour we will travel from the new capital, Tehran to the ancient capitals and cities along the Silk Road seeing a number of UNESCO Heritage sites and magical scenery.

Our Tours

 Creating the best experience whilst travelling in Iran is our goal and we have put together tours to help fulfill this.
 We tailor make the tours to suite your requirements; to fit with your tempo , interests and style.
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All our professional staff have travelled the routes and are familiar with the geography and the environment.
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