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Iran Deserts have long been fascinating for tourists and safari makers. Let’s know more about our Iran Desert Tour!

We have designed a number of tours that will cater for desert enthusiast. These tours can also be organised as a combination with our cultural and historical tours.

Our desert tours or safaris like our other tours we try to observe the terms of responsible tourism as much as possible and will take all safety precautions.

Following are two examples of our desert tours.

Experience the spectacular views of central Iran Deserts

Visit Lut Desert inscribed as the UNESCO World Heritage Natural site

Learn about the life of desert duelers



Tour Details

Iran Desert Tour

This is in fact a 5 day tour during which you spend 3 days exploring Kavir-e Mesr near a village with a same name in Jandaq, partof Khur and Biabanak County in Isfahan Province.

We drive to Nain from Tehran. Overnight Nain

In morning we drive to Mesr through Anarak and will have our lunch break at local Narosineh guest house. Then we will camp near Mesr just before sunset. Overnight camp near Mesr

We start our journey through the natural wonders of sands and reed fields of Mesr for the whole day and camp in Mesr Desert. Overnight Camp Mesr Desert

We drive to Khur to stay in a Hotel for a relaxed night.


Return to Tehran for return flight or other options.

Lut desert, (A world Heritage Site) is known to be the hottest place on earth and is located in the south east of Iran. During the months of June to October strong wind swep this arid subtropical area causing Aeolian erosion on a colossal scale which creates some of the most spectacular examples of Kalouts (massive corrugated ridges).

If you need to escape the hustle and bustle the city life or the means of communications then come with us on this tour for a few nights like no other under the sky of the tranquil Lut desert and the breathtaking views of kalut formations.

We fly to Kerman. Check in the hotel and we will talk about details of our desert  expedition.

Overnight Kerman

We head to Shahdad and Nehbandan visiting the Zabane Mar canyon. Overnight we will camp in a safe and suitable area.

We hike for 2 hours heading the star shaped sand dunes. Safari rides on the star shaped sand dunes and having lunch by the dunes. Overnight Camp in a safe and suitable place

We cross the Lut desert plain heading toward the Yalan sand dunes. Lunch is served on the dunes and the base camp is set up. Hiking and sand boarding in the dunes.

Safari and sand skiing Returning to the base camp.

Packing up and leaving the Lut desert after visiting the “Lut’s Eye” Driving to Shahdad and Kerman.

Flight Back to Tehran

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