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hiking in forests

Adventure Tours in Iran: A Guide for the Sporty Traveler

Some people like to travel to different countries to visit historical places and find out about the mysterious world of the ancient times. Some others prefer to travel for the joy of mingling with locals, learning about their culture, trying local cuisines and learning the folk dances of colorful tribes. But there’s another group of […]

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Mount Damavand in Iran

Mountains of Iran

Many people think of deserts when they consider visiting natural attractions of Iran. But there is much more than that to explore in this country. Interestingly, mountains make 30 percent of Iran’s surface. So why not spice up your trip to Iran with visiting mountains? Here we’re going to introduce the best mountains of Iran […]

جزییات بیشتر
Masal Iran

Hiking Tours in Iran: Explore the Unexpected

With its awe-inspiring history, colorful nature and rich culture, Iran is a destination for all seasons. Not only has it so many cultural and historical attractions to visit, but it also features a lot of hiking and trekking opportunities for those interested in adventure travel tours. Away from Tehran’s luxurious restaurants, modern shopping malls and […]

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Dizin Ski resort

Skiing in Iran

Skiing in Iran At 1.6 million square kilometers, Iran seems a large place to be overlooked, and yet winter sports enthusiasts do not know much about its snow covered mountains and winter resorts. The Alborz mountain range alone include a large portion of Iran’s peaks of 4000m and over with an average snowfall of up […]

جزییات بیشتر