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Solo Travel Tips: Travel Iran by Yourself

Have you ever travelled across a country without any one accompanying you? Have you ever thought how exciting – and enriching – it could be to explore an unknown place and learn about a new culture without having a bunch of other people with you? Why not head out on your own for a solo […]

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Persian Carpet Tour in Iran

What are Special Interest Tours All About

Special Interest Tours (SIT) are tourism activities specifically customized in accordance to interests and preferences of travelers. Opting for special interest tours gives you an opportunity to have an enriching and adventurous experience catering to your preferences. Read on to see what you can expect to experience in special interest tours of Iran. Astro Tourism: […]

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Iranian Kabab

Foods You Have to Try in Iran

As you can expect, a multicultural country like Iran has a wonderful food diversity which comes as the result of different geographical and ethnic characteristics found in different regions of the country. One of the main highlights of your travel to Iran will most definitely be the cuisine. And we bet you don’t want to […]

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Iranian Ash Reshteh

Iranian Vegetarian Food: A Guide for Vegetarian Travelers

Although vegetarianism is a rather new concept in Iran, going vegetarian in this country is not difficult at all. Meatless diet is not a very common thing in Iran due to the historical, geographical and cultural characteristics of the country, but finding tasty vegetarian food is really easy since there are countless choices for vegetarians […]

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