iranian people

Iran : Dance of Life!

Iran : More Than just Persia! A trip to Iran can change your perception about Iranians. For many years people imagined an Englishman with a bowler hat and umbrella, or a Dutchman in baggy trousers and wooden clogs. These stereotypes images faded away as people traveled the world and came face to face with real […]

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Historic City of Yazd

Iran’s UNESCO world heritage sites

Have you ever wondered how it feels to spend a few days in the land of ancient empires? Have you ever thought of walking up the monumental staircases of the magnificent Persepolis where the royals of Achaemenid dynasty used to walk? What about wandering among the earthen alleys of a historic city which dates from […]

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classic Iran

Persia: Classic Iran

The term Persia was coined by Herodotus (484 BC) and it alludes to the region of Fars, the seat of the Achaemenids, a term in common use until 20th c when the correct word Iran, as used by the Iranians all along, was introduced to international community. The words Iran or Persia conjures up images […]

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Nature of Iran

Nature of Iran: Diverse and Surprising

If you are an adventurer or like active holidays, you will have a memorable time in the nature Iran. Iran is mostly famous for its historic and religious sites. Some people know it for its arid deserts and parched plains. However, you may be surprised to know that there’s a lot more than that to […]

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special interest tours

Land of Turquoise Domes Special Interest Tours

At Land of Turquoise Domes, we are constantly looking for ways to optimize the quality of our service for those who wish to travel to this four seasons land. To fulfil our promise to those who want to go deeper and learn about Iran’s arts, crafts, culture or nature, we have devised a dedicated category […]

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holiday in Iran

Adventurous Holidays in Iran

Iran’s extraordinary diversity in climate and terrain – from majestic mountain ranges, lush valeys and dense forests to vast deserts and s long coastline – offers wide-ranging opportunities for sports enthusiasts and visitors seeking active yet adventurous holidays.  Looking for information about cultural and historical attractions of Iran? click here.  You might have heard of […]

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Sa'ad Abad Palace

Walking Through the Falling Leaves in Tehran

As the autumn leaves fall down, it’s time for a great walk in Tehran! Don’t forget to put on your sports shoes and take your cellphone or camera with you. Tehran has a lot to show you in this charming season.   Start with a walk inside Taleghani Park; you will pass the great bridge […]

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Iranian Saffron

Iranian Saffron: Red gold of Iran

Iranian saffron, From Violet Farms to Eloquent Dinner Tables! There is indeed a long story from violet saffron farms to gorgeous Iranian dinner tables. Saffron, an ancient medicinal plant and the most expensive of spices, has always had magical, addictive power. Cleopatra took saffron-infused baths to enhance her allure. Alexander the Great used it to […]

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Modern Iran

Iran, not just Persia, is not merely a catchphrase. The throwback to ancient glories and historic events do not detract from the fact that the country and its relatively young and educated population, continue to create new buildings and environments. Most people who visit Iran, choose this country for its historical places, ancient sites and […]

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Mosques of Iran: Holy and Glorious

  Mosques of Iran are known as perfect illustrations of Islamic Persian architecture. The Persian word masjed literally means a place for worship and since early days of Islam it has been the focal point of worship, teaching, learning and has acted as a community base for Muslims in Iran.   Iran has some of […]

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