Haft Seen of Nowruz

Nowruz: The Persian New Year

Nowruz is perhaps the most famous tradition of Iranians. Persian New Year is celebrated on the first day of spring by Iranians and it’s a celebration for the rebirth of nature. The new year and the traditions of celebrating it are called Nowruz which means “New Day” in Persian. It marks the first day of […]

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Road Trip in Iran

Road Trip in Iran: Top-Rated Destinations

Fill your tea flask, get in the car, put on some Iranian music and hit the road! Driving through the vast country offers you the opportunity to explore the diverse beauty of its nature from north to south and east to west. Trying out local foods and discovering less known cultural attractions on the road […]

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Takht-e-Jamshid Shiraz Iran

Classical Iran: a Journey to Thousands of Years Ago

A vast country with remarkable richness in history and culture, Iran is a great destination for tourists who are interested in exploring the places that have been home to civilizations since thousands of years ago. With several archaeological places that have been added to the list of UNESCO world heritage sites, this country is waiting […]

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Library of Kerman

Bookstores to visit in Iran

If you’ve packed your suitcase and bought the tickets to Iran for an exciting holiday, you must have jotted down some of the most interesting places that you want to visit while in the country. Bookstores are one of the best places to explore as a prominent element of urban life in any country, especially […]

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Souvenirs of Iran: Take a piece of Iran back home with you!

If you are planning a trip to Iran, you may be thinking what you should buy as souvenirs from this country. A lot of us like to bring something home as a reminder of our travels. Not to mention that many believe souvenir shopping to be one of the most delightful activities one can experience […]

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Naghsh-e-Jahan Square: Stroll Around and Enjoy the Sight

Naghsh-e-Jahan is one of the most famous Iran’s UNESCO heritage sites and is known as Isfahan’s main tourism attraction. This beautiful square is an illustration of the power of Safavid dynasty. It dates back to 1602 and was made during the reign of Shah Abbas, one of the most powerful rulers of the Safavid dynasty. […]

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pomegranate festival kurdistan

Iranian Kurdistan: Highlands of Love

Shining in the heart of Zagros Mountains like a piece of emerald, Kurdistan of Iran awaits travelers with its countless attractions. If you are willing to travel to a place where you can join cheerful celebrations, listen to traditional music in nature, hear old love stories and mingle with welcoming locals, we suggest you to […]

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Ameriha Boutique Hotel

Boutique Hotels of Iran: Staying in a Persian Traditional House

Bored of luxurious 7 star hotels and their fancy feel? Looking for something other than resort hotels with several modern restaurants, swimming pools and spas?  Why not try spending a few days in cozy boutique hotels of Iran? You will definitely fall in love with the effortless authenticity of whatever you experience in these hotels! […]

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Kish Island Iran

Kish Island: Where Glowing Beaches Welcome You Warmly

If you are a beach-lover and are looking for a family-friendly destination to enjoy a relaxed holiday, you must not miss visiting Kish Island in Iran. As 11th of November is officially named the National Day of Kish in Iran, a festival was held in this beautiful island to celebrate its history, traditions and value […]

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Modern Iran

Modern Iran!

Iran, not just Persia is not merely a catchphrase. The throwback to ancient glories and historic events do not detract from the fact that the country and its relatively young and educated population, continue to create new buildings and modern environments. Necessities such as transport systems, health and administrative buildings aside, cities large and small […]

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