Fill your tea flask, get in the car, put on some Iranian music and hit the road! Driving through the vast country offers you the opportunity to explore the diverse beauty of its nature from north to south and east to west. Trying out local foods and discovering less known cultural attractions on the road is a precious experience. If you are already daydreaming about going on a road trip in Iran with your friends or even solo, you have to read this article to plan a great vacation for the upcoming season!

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Chalus: The Spiral Road to the Heart of Green Nature

Chalus Road

Spring is coming, weather is getting warm and guess what? It’s time to plan a road trip in Iran! Chalus Road is often referred to as the most spectacular road of Iran and it’s undoubtedly the most popular one among the locals. It’s not an exaggeration to say that its mind-blowing nature is the main reason that Iranians love to travel to north at least once a year. It’s a spiral road surrounded by tall trees and waterfalls that gracefully slide over mountains. The restaurants on the road offer some of the best Kebabs of Iran while being quiet affordable. Don’t forget to try Ash-e-Doogh near Kandovan Tunnel as it’s one of the most popular street foods of Iran. Note that Chalus is a rather dangerous road. So we suggest that you go on this trip with a trusted driver.

Road Trip in Iran

Asalem – Khalkhal Road: Beyond Ordinary

This is a road to an earthly heaven! No matter what time of year you drive to this spot, you’ll always get amazed by its surprisingly beautiful nature. This road is located in the heart of forests on heights of Northern Iran. Silimar to the famous Chalus Road, Asalem – khalkhal route is a spiral way that impresses you with magnificent landscapes.

Asalem - Khalkhal Road

Road Trip in Kurdistan of Iran

One of the best destinations for a great road trip in Iran is the Kurdistan area. You’ll be mesmerized by the scenic heights while driving on the mountains and hills which are surrounded by green and brown. We suggest that you start your road trip from Sanandaj which is a city with many attractions to visit. Make sure you go to the Zarivar Lake and the stair – stepped village of Palangan as they are two of the most important attractions of this area.

Palangan Village

Iranian Kurds are famous for being warmhearted hosts to guests so don’t hesitate to mingle with them and be showered by their Persian hospitality. Their local cuisine is delicious and their folk music is just awesome. The beautiful memory of learning their folk dance and participating in their traditional ceremonies will never fade away of your mind.

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A Route from Tangiyour Valley to Uraman Takht

Uraman Takht

If you want to extend your road trip in Iran, you should try the Tangiyour Valley – Uraman Takht route. The valley is located near a village with the same name and will freshen you up with its cool climate. Moreover, Uraman Takht is definitely one of the most exquisite villages of Iran. It’s another stair-stepped mountainous village with unspoiled nature and lovely people. The majestic roaring Sirvan River runs next the village which is a unique spot for photographers. Make sure you visit the Karaftu Cave which is highly valuable for its Creek inscriptions. That’s the reason why locals have named it the Heracles Temple. Your road trip in Iran will be perfect if you combine visiting natural attractions with historical sites!

Gardaneh Heyran: Above the Clouds

Gardaneh Heyran Road

For a road trip in the heart of mist, Choose Gardane Heyran. It’s one of the most famous destinations for road trip in Iran. This route connects Astara to Ardabil in northwest of the country. The Heyran Village is located in the town of Astara and has a cool climate during the springs and summers. Spend a few hours in this humble village, meet up with people and take tons of pictures!

It’s noteworthy to mention that travelling northern and western provinces of Iran through autumn and winter may not be good idea for you if you’re not comfortable with cold weather. But these destinations are just perfect for the warm month of the year.

Road Trip in Iran Heyran

A Road Trip in Iran’s Deserts

Nayband Village

Not a big fan of green nature and forests? Looking for a destination with a more typical Middle – Eastern vibe? We, too, believe that your road trip in Iran will not be complete without exploring its deserts! Try an adventurous road trip in Iran filled with desert safari and sand dune rides by choosing the Yazd – Nayband route. Start your road trip in Iran from the adobe city of Yazd. After visiting its awe-inspiring historical attractions, head to Nayband village which is located on Yazd – Kerman Road. It’s another stair – stepped village but way different from those which you’ll find in Northern Iran or in the Kurdistan area. It’s a desert stair-stepped village with completely different geographical characteristics. You will fall in love with the delicately beautiful Palm trees and the brownish hue which have given an exotic aura to the whole place.

Village of Nayband

Ready for a Road Trip in Iran?

Road trips are just fun! You can hit as many places as you wish and you can stop wherever you want for food, for tea or for an hour of contemplation in the tranquility of nature. Going on a Road Trip in Iran is an affordable way to visit several destinations while learning about the natural and cultural diversity of this vast country. Staying in traditional houses, camping and photographing for hours are only a few examples of what you can expect to experience during this trip. Contact us at Land of Turquoise Domes for information on our tour packages and itineraries. We make your trip to Iran an unforgettable memory.