Have you ever travelled across a country without any one accompanying you? Have you ever thought how exciting – and enriching – it could be to explore an unknown place and learn about a new culture without having a bunch of other people with you? Why not head out on your own for a solo travel experience in Iran and enjoy a journey to the land of saffron and pistachios? Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your solo travel in Iran to the fullest.

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Learn about Transportation in Iran Beforehand

It’s not a good idea to start asking about options that you may have for transportation when you have arrived in a country for the first time. Search about the different ways that you have in Iran and choose those which are the most convenient for you due to your itinerary, budget and time. It’s important to know what choices you have if you’re going to visit Iran without the help of a tour operator.

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Those who prefer to wander from one place to another freely without being limited to the plan of a group need to know how the transportation system works in Iran. You can choose to travel across the country by taking a taxi, bus, underground subway or using domestic flights.


Intercity Transportation

You have different choices for travelling between cities of Iran. Buses are the cheapest options and are popular among Iranians and tourists. There are VIP buses that are very convenient and offer juices and snacks to the passengers along the road. Each city has bus terminals where you can buy tickets but you can also ask agencies in Iran to book your bus tickets beforehand. You can also get a taxi called Savari which takes you from one city to another. It’s a kind of shared taxi that transports passengers between cities. This way of transportation is faster than bus but is more expensive and is not very comfortable. You can also use trains which are cheaper than VIP buses and provide you with private cabins. Domestic flights are another option if you don’t mind to pay more money and save a lot of time instead.

Accommodation for a great solo travel

When it comes to accommodation in Iran, you have plenty of options to choose from. From luxurious hotels with modern facilities to traditional houses that are usually referred to as “Boutique Hotels”, you are provided with several choices in big cities of Iran such as Tehran, Shiraz and Isfahan.

Iranian Boutique Hotels

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We suggest that you complete your solo travel in Iran by spending a few days in humble traditional houses in small villages. You’ll be showered with lots of traditional pastries and delicious homemade foods throughout the day.


We bet you agree that wandering in tranquil villages miles away from the buzz of city life is a precious experience.

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Meet People!

Iranians are widely famous for being warmhearted and hospitable people who welcome their guests with generosity and love. One of the things that makes your solo travel to Iran an exceptional experience is meeting people and getting to know them. You’ll get invited to people’s homes especially if you travel in small towns and villages of Iran. Don’t get surprised if you get asked a lot about what you think of Iran since locals are usually very curious of how their country is being perceived by foreigners.

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By the way, a lot of young Iranians can speak English acceptably well so you will hardly ever find it challenging to ask for help when looking for an address. However, it’s nice to know a few words in Farsi in order to thank your local hosts or compliment their homemade meals.

Persian Abgoosht


Here are a few sentences that will be useful to know during your solo travel in Iran:

“Salam” means “Hi”

“Kheili Mamnoon” means “Thank you so much”

“Khoshmazze ast” means “It’s delicious”

“Sob Bekheir” means “Good Morning”

“Khoda hafez” means “Goodbye”


In contrast to what is usually shown by media, Iran is a very safe country with no serious issues to be concerned about. It might sound surprising but many solo travelers believe that their visit to Iran has been much safer than travelling in Europe. Iranians are welcoming people who are always willing to help foreigners have a memorable journey in Iran and their culture is all about making guests feel at home. Many tourists have reported a great experience of solo travel in Iran with lots of hitchhiking and staying at home of locals without a minor problem.

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However, there are a few tips to follow in order to have a trouble-free visit to this beautiful country:

Solo travel is safe in Iran but if you choose to be accompanied by an Iranian guide they will take care of any situation that might come as unknown or stressful to you. They will let you know if taking pictures in certain places are forbidden and will be there to answer any questions that may worry you during your trip.

Be particularly careful with your personal belongings such as your bag, wallet, passport and camera in crowded bazaars and underground subways.

Women travelers are asked to follow the Islamic dress code which is compulsory in Iran. Covering part of your hair with a scarf or shawl, wearing long sleeved clothes and ankle-length skirts/trousers make an acceptable outfit.

Travelling to Iran – Afghanistan border, Iran – Iraq border and Sistan-o-Balouchestan Province is not suggested due to potential lack of safety.

Best destinations for solo travel in Iran are Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan and Yazd since they are large cities with high quality accommodation and transportation system. Moreover, people living in these cities are more likely to know English since they are in contact with more foreign tourists.

Join a tour as a Solo Traveler

Why not spice up your solo travel experience with a one – day tour, guided by knowledgeable local guides? You can choose a full day sightseeing tour without switching to a group tour itinerary.

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