Special Interest Tours (SIT) are tourism activities specifically customized in accordance to interests and preferences of travelers. Opting for special interest tours gives you an opportunity to have an enriching and adventurous experience catering to your preferences. Read on to see what you can expect to experience in special interest tours of Iran.

Astro Tourism: Immerse yourself in Iranian Night Skies

By choosing an Astronomy tour, you partake in a unique experience of learning about night sky wonders of Iran. From exotic deserts to heights of mountainous villages of the country, you have many options for a night sky tour to choose from.

Night Sky Tours in Iran


One of the best spots for an unforgettable night of stargazing is the far-famed Valley of Assassins near Qazvin. It’s a half restored fortress remained from 1090 AD and has many mysterious stories in store for you! Visit this place with a knowledgeable guide to learn about the history of Nizari Ismaili Assassins who were famous for hiding in the mountains.

Read more about the Valley of Assassins here.

After hiking the valley, the tents will be put up for hours of stargazing. The night sky looks so magical that you’ll want to stay awake until sunrise. You will stay in local houses overnight and continue your itinerary the next day.

Note that special interest tours can include several aspects. Your vacations can be followed by a tour to historical places that have been added to the list of UNESCO world heritage sites or you can decide to complete your journey with visiting villages of Iran.

If you’re planning to visit southern Iran and spending a few days near the Persian Gulf is part of your itinerary, stargazing in the bewildering Qeshm Island is a must – do for you.

If you’re more interested in exploring deserts and want to spend a night under the enigmatic sky of Iranian deserts, Kavir-e-Maranjab near Kashan, and Shahdad Desert near Kerman – with its mind-blowing Kalouts – are great destinations to explore.

Khour village in South Khorasan Province is also a very popular location for astronomy tours especially if visiting a desert village with adobe houses and wind-towers sounds exciting to you. Moreover, Khorasan has been widely celebrated for its cultural heritage. The folk music and especially the famous musical instrument of Khorasan, Dotar has been designated as a UNESCO cultural heritage of Iran.

For more on Dotar and the sweet sound of Khorasani Folk Music, click here.

Persian Carpet Tour: Fall In Love with these exquisite works of art

Carpet Bazaar Tour

If there were three items to remind you of the great land of Persia, undoubtedly the colorful hand-woven carpets of this country would be one of them. If you are into arts and handicrafts, we recommend you to choose special interest tours that include learning about Persian carpets.

You will be taken to the Carpet Museum of Tehran where you will find yourself lost in an endless world of beautiful colors and patterns. You’ll be accompanied by a Persian carpet expert who explains about the traditions and essentials of carpet weaving.

Persian Carpet Weaving


Proceeding the trip to the lovely grand bazaar of Tehran, you will be led to the corridors that are specifically dedicated to selling carpets and rugs. It’s an exceptional experience to wander among mazes of an Iranian bazaar where you can feel the authentic Persian vibe.

Click here to read about Tabriz Historic Bazaar as one of the best examples of traditional Iranian markets. 

Having a nice lunch in the famous Moslem Restaurant of Tehran Grand Bazaar will be the perfect way to finish your Persian carpet tour. Order a dish of Tahchin and enjoy!

Food Tourism: the Best Way to Learn about a Culture

Iranian Saffron Ice Cream

Iranian Saffron Ice Cream

Many travelers believe that the best way to learn about the culture of a nation is to explore their food. And we just can’t agree more! Iran is a paradise for foodie travelers. By choosing special interest tours centered on food exploration, you can find out about what Iranians eat in different areas of the vast country.

 Indulge yourself in delicious local cuisine, desserts and sweets of each province of Iran. See what Iranians eat as daily meals and what they prepare for their celebrations. Most Iranian foods are not very easy and quick to be made but they’re all so delicious that you’ll agree they are worth the extra effort.

Kalam Polo of Shiraz

Kalam Polo Shirazi

If you choose an itinerary that includes Shiraz as part of the culinary tourism, you will be offered Kalam Polo – as a celebrated local cuisine of Shiraz – which is a combination of chopped kohlrabi, herbs, small meat balls and rice. It’s one of the most popular foods of Iran that you must try while traveling this country.

Southern Iran will welcome you with its spicy dishes and tasty sea foods just as the provinces of Northern Iran will surprise you with their wide range of diverse foods. If you are a vegetarian, you will have plenty of options to choose from since many Iranian traditional dishes include no meat. For more on Iranian vegetarian foods, click here.

However, vegan travelers may find it a bit challenging to order food in Iranian restaurants especially in small towns and villages where most foods include animal products such as cheese and eggs. But if you’re accompanied by a knowledgeable tour guide, there’s no need to worry since they’ll help you with finding the right options.

After tasting the delicious local meals, it’s time to explore the limitless world of Iranian sweets! Each and any city of Iran has traditional pastries that are usually bought by travelers as souvenirs. Sohan of Qom, Gaz of Isfahan, Ghottab and Baghlava of Yazd and Faloodeh of Shiraz are only a few of pastries that you will try while traveling across Iran.

Faloudeh Shirazi

Faloodeh Shirazi


Faloodeh is a cold dessert made from a mix of vermicelli-sized starch noodles, sugar and rose water. It’s a perfect choice for warm summer days of Shiraz.

If you have a sweet tooth, click here for more on Iranian pastries.

A Tour to Meet Asiatic Cheetah

If you are looking for a chance to learn about Iran’s nature and its universally admired Asiatic Cheetah, a trip to Khar Touran National Park also known as Touran Wildlife Refuge will be a great experience for you. Located in southeast of Shahrood, it is the second largest biosphere reserve of Iran. This region is characterized by a great diversity of flora and fauna and valuable genetic resources.

Iranian Cheetah

Your trip to Shahrood includes a one of a kind hiking tour to the magical Jangal-e-Abr (Forest of Clouds) where atmospheric cloud formations create a stunning view that seems like a dream. You can also sign up for a cycling tour in Jangal-e-Abr to add more excitement to your trip. If hiking or biking in a place where trees are half covered by clouds sounds interesting to you, click here to read more about it.

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