If you are a beach-lover and are looking for a family-friendly destination to enjoy a relaxed holiday, you must not miss visiting Kish Island in Iran. As 11th of November is officially named the National Day of Kish in Iran, a festival was held in this beautiful island to celebrate its history, traditions and value as an important tourism attraction.

Here’s a glimpse of what Kish Island has in store for you!

Activities and Entertainment for Families

Like any other famous island, Kish offers several fun activities and entertainment opportunities to travelers. Relaxing on the beach and enjoying the sun while lying on the lounge chairs or having long walks on the glowing sands is one of the main reasons people choose to travel to islands. But at the same time, a lot of us prefer to opt for adventurous activities that cause adrenaline rush while we are staying in a relaxing place near the sea!

Kish Family Activities

Families, especially those with children, can enjoy several activities in Kish Island such as cycling along the Coconut Beach, or visiting the Birds Garden.

In addition to the popular Birds Garden of Kish, children usually enjoy watching the Aquarium that displays colorful fish, corals and shells.

All things aside, sailing on the glass bottom boats to watch all the incredible underwater sea creatures is one of the must-do activities in your visit to Kish Island!

Safari, parasailing, karting, underwater scooter, fly board, and visiting the Dolphin Park are other popular activities for families who travel to Kish Island to enjoy a fun and exciting holiday.

Greek Shipwreck

Kish Greek Shipwreck

Undoubtedly, shipwrecks always seem mysterious to us. There’s a story behind each of them. A ship that once carried its crew members gracefully on the gleaming sea, is now seen as a monument after it’s wrecked. Nobody can pass by it without taking a second look at its lonely body and thinking about its pass. The Greek Shipwreck of the Kish Island is known as one of this island’s famous attractions. Actually, it’s vastly known as the symbol of Kish Island. If you happen to visit the Greek shipwreck at the time of sunset, you will take some breathtaking photos. The tranquil beach, the red and gold sky, the silvery sea and the Greek shipwreck which is silently telling us its old tale will never get erased from your mind.

Explore the Underground City of Kariz

Kish Kariz

One of the must-sees of Kish Island, Kariz is an underground historical city which features one of the oldest aqueducts of the world. This underground city can be regarded as a museum due to its historical value and the information it presents about the way people used to purify water in the old times.

As you may know, Persian Qanats (aqueducts) played a vital role in the lives of Iranians in the pass. So, if you are interested to know about the life of the locals in the old times and stroll along the narrow tunnels of an underground city, Kariz must be added to your Kish Travel bucket list!

The silence of the underground and the pleasant cool weather that can be felt there make this visit an interesting one for any visitor.

Harireh Ancient City: Different Architecture, Different Culture

Kish Harireh City

Visiting an 800 year old city with ancient arches and stone ruins is not something to skip in your visit to Kish. Despite other historical cities of Iran, Harireh displays an extroverted architecture which depicts the lifestyle and culture of its society.

By extroverted architecture, we mean an architecture which is characterized by open spatial space, displaying more cultural tolerance towards social life, gender roles and environment. Your tour guide will give you some fascinating information about this city and its history!

Harireh Ancient City features ruins of a mansion which obviously belonged to one of the wealthiest families of the area, bath, historical mosque, qanat (Persian aqueduct), a historical glassblowing studio and exotic corridors. If you are interested in historical sites and enjoy spending time in a city where people used to live 800 years ago, make sure you visit Harireh while in Kish Island.

A House Tour Followed by Arabic coffee, Sweet Dates and Henna Design

Away from the luxurious hotels and modern shopping malls of Kish, you can roam around the neighborhood where the locals live. Being an observer of their simply beautiful daily life is a joyful experience for any traveler, especially photographers. Local people of Kish speak Arabic, wear traditional Arabic outfits and are famous for their warm hospitality.

Here you can find a 200 year old traditional house which is now used as a museum of anthropology. This house is a perfect example of traditional Bedouin architecture. It features 15 rooms and two courtyards (one for the family and one for the guests). Interestingly, the courtyards of the house are made in a way that the family are totally out of the sight of guests.

Arabic Traditional House

After an interesting house tour and learning about the traditions of the locals, they will kindly serve you Arabic coffee and date.

Also, ladies can try the henna art which is done by the skillful local artists and is vastly known as an Arabic and Indian tradition.   

Local Cuisine of the Island

Kish Local Cuisine

Kish is an incredible island with a notable history. Not to mention that it has been home to different people and tribes throughout time. As can be guessed, it has so many traditional cuisines that are all delicious and in harmony with the geographical and cultural characteristics of this island. Therefore, one of the greatest pleasures in Kish Island is eating!

Since the locals of Kish are mainly Iranian Arabs, most of their cuisines are Arabic. Samak Mashwi (Grilled fish with special spice), Margoog (a kind of Arabic stew), Madrouba (traditional Arabic porridge) and Majboos Laham (Arabic lamb and rice dish) to name a few.

They are all so tasty that will make you want to come back to Kish soon!

Easy to Reach!

Kish Island Iran

If you are interested in traveling to Kish, we have some good news for you! Kish is an easily accessible island. Whether you decide to fly to this island as your only destination in Iran or prefer to visit other cities of this country alongside Kish, you have several options to choose from.

Kish is officially a free zone with more relaxed laws, banking and taxation. That’s why it’s also known as a popular place for shopping. Moreover, no visa is needed for entering Kish! So if you don’t plan to visit other cities of Iran, you can easily fly to this island without having an Iran visa. In addition, there are direct flights from Dubai and Muscat to Kish Island so you don’t need to fly to other cities of Iran if you don’t intend to visit them.