Bored of luxurious 7 star hotels and their fancy feel? Looking for something other than resort hotels with several modern restaurants, swimming pools and spas?  Why not try spending a few days in cozy boutique hotels of Iran?

boutique hotels of Iran

You will definitely fall in love with the effortless authenticity of whatever you experience in these hotels! The beautiful architecture, the food they serve, the Persian style nightlife in their courtyards, and the very aura that you can feel in these hotels is not something you’d want to miss! Want to see what makes boutique hotels of Iran so popular among tourists? Let’s take a look!

Traditional Houses: Re-defining Accommodation

In fact, in Iran, the term “boutique hotel” that has recently become very popular among those who work in the travel and tourism industry refers to traditional houses that provide their guests with unique and high quality services while being totally distinguished from the typical modern hotels. Iranian Boutique hotels are typically traditional houses dating back to hundred years ago that have been repaired and restored to be used as guesthouses for travelers.

Iran Traditional Houses

Generally, boutique hotels are supposed to offer a special experience to their guests, something that cannot be found in ordinary hotels and guesthouses. The experience of spending time in a historical house is a special opportunity to feel what it was like to live in Iran hundred years ago. The decoration of the rooms, the interior design, the food they serve and even the outfits of the hotel’s staff are all chosen due to Persian traditions.

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Moreover, some of these boutique hotels offer special entertainments such as live traditional music or serving meals on traditional Persian benches (Takht) in the courtyard which are all enjoyable experiences for the guests. That’s why tourists usually prefer to stay at boutique hotels of Iran instead of opting for usual hotels!

Persian Hospitality: The Art of Hosting Guests in Its Best Form

Boutique hotels of Iran are prominently popular for their representation of “Persian Hospitality”. This term refers to the Persian tradition of hosting guests warmly and making them feel at home.

Persian Hospitality


Interestingly, Iranians have an old saying: “Mehmoon habib-e-Khoda ast” that translates to: “Guests are dear to God”. So, it’s obvious how much of respect and caring Iranians tend to show to their guests. Every traveler who has visited Iran knows what we’re talking about. Iranians are so willing to host their guests as perfectly as possible and try their best to serve them with several tasty foods, fruits and sweets.

This is what you can expect to experience in boutique hotels of Iran. The staff will do their best to create a similar atmosphere for you so that you feel as if you’re a houseguest of an Iranian family. They will warmly welcome you and try to make your stay an unforgettable memory.

Manouchehri Boutique Hotel, Kashan

Kashan is one of the must-visit cities of Iran for sure. Home to several historical houses and ancient monuments, this city will astonish you with its beautiful architectural structures and traditional houses. Manouchehri Hotel is one of the best examples of Iranian boutique hotels in Kashan.

Featuring 8 rooms with traditional Persian interior design, this hotel is a good choice for travelers who would like to dine in a Persian-style decorated restaurant and relax in a lovely courtyard with a pool in the middle of it.

Manouchehri Boutique Hotel

Interestingly, the typical courtyard pool of the Iranian traditional houses is not used for swimming. It is mainly used as a decorative element of the yard. Also, putting some fruits such as watermelons and apples in the pool is an old common way to keep them cool!

By the way, if you plan to go to Manouchehri Hotel, don’t forget to have a look at its traditional weaving shop!

Ameriha Boutique Hotel, Kashan

Ameriha Boutique Hotel

Another famous traditional house of Kashan is the Ameriha house which is now used as a popular boutique hotel. This beautiful house is a perfect example of Iranian traditional house architecture and provides its guests with tastefully decorated rooms and authentic Persian cuisines in its restaurant. Moreover, if you stay in Ameriha hotel, you will enjoy the privilege of proximity to most important historical sites of Kashan.

Hotel Sonnati of Isfahan (the Traditional Hotel of Isfahan), Isfahan

Traditional Hotel of Isfahan

Built during the Safavid era, the Traditional Hotel of Isfahan is an astonishingly beautiful historical mansion now used as a popular boutique hotel. Featuring 16 rooms with colorful windows around the courtyard and a lovely restaurant, this boutique hotel provides you with a real experience of living in a traditional Iranian house. Not to mention that the Traditional Hotel of Isfahan is close to most important historical sites of the city such as Kakh-e-Chehel sotoon and Naqsh-e-Jahan Square.

Moshir-ol-Mamalek Garden Boutique Hotel, Yazd

A magnificent mansion from the Qajar era, Moshir-ol-Mamalek Garden Boutique Hotel is one of the best accommodations in the historical city of Yazd.

Moshir ol Mamalek Boutigue Hotel

The hotel has a very relaxing atmosphere, with rooms that display the architectural style of desert houses and a traditional restaurant which is very popular among travelers.

Since the boutique hotel is located in a big garden with a pool alongside its pathway and high trees, you can expect to wake up to the sound of singing birds and calm stream of water every morning!

Panj Dari Boutique Hotel, Shiraz

Who wouldn’t be excited to stay in a 120 year old traditional house in the romantic city of Shiraz? A house with Qajar style architecture, Panj Dari boutique hotel features 11 rooms and a lovely yard with benches around it.

Panj Dari Boutique Hotel

As you might know, Iranians refer to Shiraz as the city of poetry and Bahar Narenj (blooms of a fruit very similar to orange that has a very nice smell). The yard of Panj Dari boutique hotel is full of Bahar Narenj trees. No doubt you would love to spend hours in the yard and immerse in the sweet smell of blossoms while you’re in Panj Dari house!

Panj Dari Hotel Shiraz

Having breakfast on the benches in the yard while enjoying the nice weather and the smell of Bahar Narenj blooms is priceless! Just imagine!

Gol Taha Boutique Hotel, Shiraz

Another 120 year old traditional house in the city of poetry and Bahar Narenj Blooms, Gol Taha boutique hotel is a small and cozy house with 10 rooms around its nice yard. The small pool in the middle of the yard is so lovely that you can’t resist taking tones of pictures of it! This boutique hotel doesn’t have a restaurant but it’s very close to some of the most famous restaurants of Shiraz.

gol taha boutique hotel

In addition, it only takes a 10 minute walk from here to the famous Nasir-al-Molk Mosque.

Hanna Boutique Hotel, Tehran

A 90 year old house in the heart of Tehran’s old city center, Hana boutique hotel provides its guests with a special experience of staying in the capital of Iran. With 7 rooms, 3 restaurants and a café, this boutique hotel is very different from the typical big modern hotel that is mostly expected from Tehran.

Hana Boutique Hotel

Each room of this boutique hotel has a unique design and a special name: Noor (light), Konj (nook), Lolagar (name of the alley where the hotel is located), Ojagh (stove), Kaman (arc), Golkhane (greenhouse), and Hamsayeh (neighbor).

Hanna Boutique Hotel Tehran

The restaurants of this boutique hotel are decorated in a minimal yet artistic style and the neighborhood is so lively that you would love to stroll around for hours every day!

 Sounds Appealing?

Traditional Hotels of Iran

If you are interested in traveling to Iran and are seeking for a unique experience, we strongly recommend you to opt for staying in one of the famous boutique hotels of this country. If this sounds appealing to you, please feel free to contact us for more information about our itineraries. Here at Land of Turquoise Domes we do our best to make your visit to Iran an unforgettable memory!