Modern Iran!

Iran, not just Persia is not merely a catchphrase. The throwback to ancient glories and historic events do not detract from the fact that the country and its relatively young and educated population, continue to create new buildings and modern environments. Necessities such as transport systems, health and administrative buildings aside, cities large and small have developed new architectural expressions with cinemas, theaters, concert houses, public libraries and bookshops. Coffee shops have become the place of choice for young Iranians to gather and socialize. This fashion has resulted in the creation of a number of super trendy innovative places with an eye to the world. Yet it is firmly based on Iranians’ sense of style and zest for life. 

The drive to educate has seen an expansion in higher education buildings in almost every town and city.

Sam Cafe - Modern cafe

Sam Cafe – Sam center , Tehran

Book Land

Book Land – Palladium mall , Tehran

Holy Defense Museum

Holy Defense Museum ,Tehran

Mellat Cinema

Mellat Cinema Gallery ,Tehran


Outstanding examples of contemporary architecture including Milad Tower and the Nature Bridge in Tehran, Termeh Office Building in Hamedan, and the residential development Apartment No. 1 in Mahallat.

Nature Bridge

Nature Bridge, Tehran

Termeh Office Building - Modern Iran

Termeh Office Building , Hamedan

Apartment No 1 - Modern Iran

Apartment No 1 – Mahalat


Iran is no exception! Modern shopping malls and shopping centers have been built across the country to satisfy the consumers hunger for retail therapy, yet they can be regarded as the natural progression from the traditional bazaar.

Persian Gulf Mall - Modern Iran

Persian Gulf Mall ,Shiraz

 City Center Mall - Modern Iran

City Center Mall ,Isfahan